"In your dreams ass hole" Arianna says to the rudest darkest yet most attractive boy in her class
"Well we all know I've had plenty of those. But c'mon let me take your hand I'll show u the dark side" Arianna had been dreaming of the day when Niall Horan would ask her out on a date. But now he is covered in tattoos. And she doesn't want anything to do with his bad boy style but Niall thinks otherwise. But there's a secret.
She's got her own bad girl side that Niall will soon reveal.


1. chapter 1

Arianna's POV

I walk into my dorm room and first thing I hear is

Aaaaaaaarrrrrriiiiiiiaaaaannnnnnnaaaaaaover here!!" My friend Emily calls me over

I roll my eyes and walk over toward her in the kitchen.

"Guess what guess what guess what guess guess guess!"

I roll my eyes

"U finally gave away your virginity?"

"Umm yes but no"

I laugh.

" then what is it?"

"U know my favorite band right?"

"Yea lustful. Why?"

I say and I take a sip out of my smart water.

"Well... THEY ARE COMING TO ATTEND OUR SCHOOL UNTIL THEY GRADUATE!!!!!" She says a but loud and jumps up and down.

I spit my water out in her face.

"You're shitting me right?!?"

I drink some more water.

"Nooooo ahhhh I can't believe it that just tomorrow they will be here!!!!!!!!!"

I spit more water in her face




"What?" She asks and all of a sudden stops jumping around.

"I just am not fond of then"

"Oh." She says then. "Seems like more than that"

"No" I lie

"Mhm okayyyyy" she says and throws her hands up. Then our room phone starts to ring

"Hello" Emily answers.

"Umm what?



Ugh whatever ill pack right now."

She says and slams the phone back into it's place.

"What was that about?" I ask.

"They told me I had to move rooms. With some guy! " she says.


"They can. And you'll be gettin a new room mate today. I have to pack. My room is right next door tho."

"But I don't want to share the bed with anyone else."

In the dorms we have to share a king sized bed with our room mate.

"Me neither but I have to or they'll kick both of I sour the dorms for good." She frowns.

"I guess I'll help u pack then."

She nods and in about 30 minutes we have all her stuff packed and ready to be moved. The dorm advisor comes up and brings Emily her new key but doesn't ask for her old one.

"I'm going to miss having u here. Keep the key and come in whenever u want." I tell her as we walk to the room with all her stuff in our hands. She opens the door and no one is here yet but they'll be here soon "be careful" I tell her. And she gives me a hug and I wave goodbye and walk out. When I get back to my room I call the dorm advisor.

"Hi do you know when my new room mate is coming?" I ask

"Yea I just sent them up"

"Okay thanks Jenna"

"No problem Ari"

I hang up and sure enough I hear someone knock on the door.

"Coming" I say.

I open the door.


"You've got to be fucking kidding me right? You're my new room mate? Fucking damn it!"

I say and walk to the kitchen. I see him smirk.

"Nice to see you again too Arianna."

"Shut up Niall"

Niall James Horan. The reason I don't like lustful. We've know each other since high school.

*Flash back*

"In your dreams ass hole" I say to the rudest darkest yet most attractive boy in my class

"Well we all know I've had plenty of those. But c'mon let me take your hand I'll show u the dark side"

"I'll join the dark side when you aren't there."

"Oh c'mon I know u want me the way I want you" he wraps his arms around my waist.

"You wish." I say and push him away.

"Oh I do."

"But u aren't going to get it."

Thank god we graduated today I can't live with Niall and his harassing anymore. I wanted to get out of there

"I'll have you one day"


"I see you've missed me. You look nice. I see you've gained some weight and went for a curvier look" he walks over to me a smirk planed on his lips. "Let me tell u something... It looks hotter than before. Especially in the volleyball shorts you're wearing."

I roll my eyes

Hey grabs my wrist. And pulls my body as close as he can to his and keeps his hand tightly on the small of my back.

" it told u one day I would have u and bows my chance." He tried to kiss my neck but I push him off before he can. I bite my lip bringing my lip piercing I between my teeth.

"Seems like u got even more fiesty" he smirks.

"I thought you weren't coming til tomorrow"

"I can come for u at any time u know." He says a smirk on his lips. My mouth falls. And I hit him hard on his chest. "Aha no I guess we decided to start early"

"Whatever" I walk into the bedroom area

"Ohhhh we get to share a bed" he says and winks. "That piercing of yours is really turning me on" oh my gosh don't fall for his tricks. He is too hot but u don't like him remember.

I bite my lip

"Ugh stop that before I take u right here. Not caring what the fuck you say"


"Then stop"

"How long are u staying at this school?" I ask.

"Until I graduate" he smiles

"Fuuuuuuck" I groan. I start to walk out

"Where you going?" He asks me.

"To visit my friend Emily"

"I'm going with you" he says and grabs his leather jacket and we walk to Emily's dorm.

"Wait this is y mate Harry's dorm "

"Oh great..."

I knock on it. And Emily is at the door right away.

"Arianna! Oh my god Niall?"

"Sadly yes" I say and Niall laughs and smirks at me

"Ooooohhhhhhh so that's why u don't like lustful"

"Who doesn't like lustful? Everyone loves us" a boy in lusful comes out. I'm guessing that's harry.

"Well not me. Especially this dick right here" I say pointing to Niall

"She loves me" he says

"Psh u wish" I say and he smacks my ass. My mouth drops and harry is on the couch laughing.

"Don't do that" I tell Niall.

"Well then..." Emily says.

I walk deeper I to her dorm.

"Holy shit this is huge!! It's really big!" I say

"I don't think it's an appropriate time to be talking about my dick right now" Niall says and harry laughs again and Emily dies too

"Niall we all know I have a bigger dick that u" harry says

"My dick is way bigger than yours don't even start!"

"Okay seriously do u guys have to fight over this." I say. And they stop.

We all sit on the couch. Niall puts his arm around me and doesn't let me go. Not matter how hard I try.

Well this is going to be a great 4 fucking years ....


Hhhhhhheeeeeyyyyyyy so thanks y'all this is my first dark book ever!!!! Yayay okay so credits to Loui_tommo_1D for making the cover and helping me with the title of the book and band. You da best I love you!!!!!

Okay hope u like it so far :) comment fav like. But comment what u like. I guess I could do a comment of the chapter or idk lawl.

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