Broken To Pieces

It wasn't her choice. She would've taken his spot if she could. Now everyone blames her. Bullied and abused everyday is getting hard and her life is spinning out of control. The girl in the mirror isn't who she knew before.


3. Chapter Two

  Once the bell rang, the laughter and talking ceased as I listened to the students shuffle out the door. I, on the other hand, just laid there. I didn't open my eyes, I didn't try to stand up, I didn't move. I laid there in complete pain while tears ran down my face. All of a sudden I felt someone kneel beside me and help me sit up. Expecting to see a teacher or a nurse, I opened my eyes to see Asher. He smiled shyly as he helped me to my feet.

  He held onto my shoulders, "Are you alright?"

  I took a moment before shaking my head no as he reached to wipe a tear from my face. I did what I could to smile but it made the pain worse. He put his arms around my shoulders and helped me down the hall and to the nurse's office. 

  As she opened the door, her eyes widened. "Beth! My goodness girl. You look like you just came out of a war zone."

  She helped Asher get me into the room and lay me down on the bed. She quickly walked over to the sink to went down a towel and brought it back to me. Before I could take it from her hands, Asher reached up to take it and gently started wiping blood from my face.

  "Hun, you can go back to class now." She said looking at him.

  He didn't say anything, but he looked at her with a certain look in his eyes that made her smile and nod as went back to washing blood off my face. 

  "What classes do you two have?" The nurse asked as she walked towards the door.

  "Chemistry with Mr. Green." I said slowly attempting to pull myself up in a sitting position. 

  Asher didn't answer her with words, but gave her his class schedule. She looked over it and smiled before handing it back to him, "Alright. I'll be right back then."

  She walked out the door and I looked at him. I studied his eyes that almost seemed broken and his innocent and scared face. "What are you looking at me like that for?" he asked with a small amount of laughter in his voice.

  "Just trying to get a vibe on who you really are." I replied shyly looking down at my shoe.


  "You didn't have to stay you know..."

  "Yeah. I know that. I wanted to though."

  I raised my eyebrow and looked at him, "Why?"

  "You seem nice. And that's happened to me before. I sure wish someone would have stayed with me."

  I laughed a little, "I don't know how you could possibly say I'm nice considering our first words."

  He smiled shyly, "You didn't mean to come off rude. I can tell. You're insecure about yourself. Aren't you?"

  I looked at him with slight surprise in my eyes but nodded.

  "I've been around people like you before. However, I didn't talk to them and now, I wish I would've."

  He ran his fingers through his hair as he looked down at the ground and then back up to me again. He smiled slightly but it quickly faded as the nurse came back into the room. "You can go on back to class now. And Beth, please try and stay out of Blake's way for the rest of the day."

  I smiled and nodded as Asher helped me back up. We walked out of the nurse's office and into the hallway. I slung my bag onto my shoulder but instead of heading back to Chemistry I headed straight towards the front doors.

  "Beth! What are you doing?" Asher asked as he ran to catch up with me.

  My back pressed against the doors and opened them. "Early spring break. Wanna come?" 

  I stood there waiting for him until he finally smiled and nodded his head yes and we were out the door. I found my jacked up Chevy Silverado in the back of the school parking lot and climbed in. Asher got in the passenger side and not a two minutes later, we were gone. 

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