Broken To Pieces

It wasn't her choice. She would've taken his spot if she could. Now everyone blames her. Bullied and abused everyday is getting hard and her life is spinning out of control. The girl in the mirror isn't who she knew before.


2. Chapter One

  I walked into class with my head down, my hood up, and my books and binders pressed to my chest. I watched the floor instead of looking up and walked straight to my normal spot in the back of the classroom.

  "Miss Levine, you know perfectly well that you must take your hood off in the school building." I heard the teacher say from behind his desk.

  I nodded in response and looked up after sliding it off to see the entire classroom facing me. I felt my face go red and looked down to my notebook which now lay open on the desk in front of me. I'd been working on this picture for weeks now. The photo was a broken heart inside a hand. The hand was supposed to be Josh's and the broken heart was mine. The heart was finished, I was extremely pleased with how it looked but the hand was just way too complicated. 

  Interrupting my thoughts, I heard the teacher start to speak, "This here, is the new student in which we were expecting, Asher Gates. I'm positive you all will do your absolute best to keep him in track."

  I looked up to see a tall pale skinned kid with black and blue hair. As the teacher talked more about having to respect him and helping him out and such, he stared directly at me. My face went red again and I looked out the window to see Blake entering the room. I rolled my eyes and went back to drawing in my notebook. Until the teacher said, "Asher you may sit next to Miss Levine. The one with her head down."

  I groaned quietly just before he took his seat. Blake had sat down next to Alexis who was now on the edge of her seat trying to get his attention and I felt Asher eyes staring at me. The chatter in the room seem to just silence itself as I finally turned toward him, "Look newbie, do you have a problem?"

  I watched him wince as if my words had cut him. He nodded a no and looked up to see Blake say something and laugh while looking at the both of us. His jaw tightened and his fist clenched as he watched Blake and his group walk towards us. Although, instead of turning to him, they turned to me and Blake spoke first, "Did little miss loser make a new friend since she killed her other one?"

  I ignored him and worked on my drawing. Eventually, he knocked it off of my desk and onto the floor, "You know he never really cared about you. I mean honestly, did you ever think one of us could care about you? Let's be honest, you were just his little charity case."

  I glared up at his cold, ice blue eyes, "Blake, you can't tell me he never cared. Because trust me, he did. He actually had a soul, unlike you and the rest of your little group here. Just because your girlfriend is using you to gain popularity for her ugly self, doesn't mean you can blame me for Josh's death, okay? I loved him and he loved me and if you weren't so damn conceded you would've seen that. So why don't you just walk away before I start to point out EVERY flaw you have."

  I saw his eyes water, as if I'd actually hurt him with my words before he raised his fist and punched my cheek, landing me on the floor. I laid there for a moment before attempting to get back up but as soon as I did Blake's fist knocked me down once again. I rolled over on my side and he kicked me multiple times in the stomach causing tears to finally escape my eyes. 

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