Camp Half-Blood (Your character version)

This is a story that in which YOU have created the characters. To make one, follow these instructions: 1: Make a character and fill in these details about them (the ones filled in are my character): First Name: Harmony Middle Name: Rose Last Name: Kendrick Godly Parent: Apollo Appearance: Tall, thick dark brown hair, freckles, violet blue eyes, hipster glasses and a revealing face. Dress Sense: Anything she likes Age: 15 Weapon: Axe Personality: Calm, friendly, vicious at times. Extra Info: Geeky but the best singer/healer at camp. 2: I need ONE camper per god. Artemis Ares Athena Hades Poseidon Zeus Aphrodite Hephaestus Demeter Hermes Hera (and whatever apart from Apollo (that I am) that I left out) Please- Create boys as well for my character's best friend. Good luck! (Sorry to PotterheadFoverever for the commotion). Over! Will start writing tomorrow night! Thanks guys!


1. Author's Note

 Just follow the instructions in the blurb to enter! Thanks!

So far I have...:

Son of Artemis

Daughter of Poseidon

Daughter of Hades

Daughter of Apollo

Daughter of Aphrodite

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