My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


8. Chapter 8

The next couple of weeks went by quickly, and suddenly it was Christmas Eve. The morning of the 24th I had been out at the stables to see if Moonrise was okay. She had gotten the day off as well as the 25th because it was Christmas. Moonrise got lots of treats those 2 days. I had put decorations up at her stable.
In the afternoon/evening I was at home and we sat up the Christmas tree. I couldn't wait for the next morning to get my presents. I had only wished for horsey stuff.
I woke up early on 25th December. I went downstairs, where mom and dad already were. The day before we had been at my gran's house and are dinner there. The presents they had given us, we had out under our tree for the next morning. I took the first present and read the label. It was for my mom. She opened it and inside was a cookbook with lots of recipes for cakes. My mom loves baking cakes. The next present was for me. It was a brand new blue headcollar for Moonrise, from my aunt. Blue is Moonrise's colour.
We took one present at a time, until every present had been packed out. I took all my things up to my room and looked at them. I had got the blue headcollar, a blue rug, a huge bag of horse treats, a new browband with blue sparkly diamonds in it, a book about horses, an iTunes gift card with £50, white jodhpurs, a show jacket and £100 in notes all together. I got dressed in some jodhpurs and a t-shirt, before going back downstairs to eat breakfast with mom and dad.
After breakfast I put all of my new horse things for Moonrise in the car. Mom had promised to drive me to the stables with all of my new things, so I could see if they would fit. Everything fitted as they were supposed to, which was a huge relief, because or else I would have to get them swapped. I gave Moonrise lots of treats before I went with my mom back home in the car.
I was at the stables to see Moonrise every day, leading up to New Years Eve. I rode her and looked after her. All the jumps were packed away so I could only ride dressage in the school. I didn’t go on any hacks, because I found it too cold.
On the evening of New Years Eve, when I was eating dinner with my mom and dad, I asked ”Can I stay by Moonrise’s side tonight? She might not like the noise.”
“Okay, if you have to,” my mom replied.
So I went to the stables after I had had dinner. I put the blue headcollar on Moonrise, the one I had gotten for Christmas. I took Moonrise out of her stable, and stayed by her side all night. At the start she was very jumpy, prancing around me at the loud bangs of the fireworks, but she soon calmed down. I watched the fireworks from where I was, and I’m sure that Moonrise was watching them to. When the bell rang at midnight. I stepped into the new year beside Moonrise. I knew what I was going to wish for. I wished that Moonrise and I were going to stay together all year.
When I came to the stables the next day, there was a notice up on the board for a Show jumping show in the start of February. I thought about entering but not sure what height so I waited a bit before entering. I was going to test out Moonrise in free jumping. Free jumping is when you let your horse loose in the school and put jumps out for the horse/pony to jump. I had groomed Moonrise and took her into the indoor school. I lunged her in walk, trot and then canter. I took the lunge line off Moonrise and she trotted away. I set up a 50cm crossbar jump up. I got her to trot out on the track. She trotted over the jump and then broke into a canter. I kept her in canter and she jumped the crossbar again. I quickly sat it up to straight. Moonrise had came down into a trot. I sent her back into a canter and over the jump. I did that quite a few times, raising the bar after every jump. I had put the jump up to a meter, and Moonrise was cantering towards the jump, when she suddenly spooked at the gallery. I looked up and saw that someone had came in with a dog and Moonrise was scared of dogs. Moonrise had gone into the corner furthest away from the gallery. I went over to her and clicked the lead rope onto her headcollar. I patted her, and then slowly lead her around the school, going past the gallery, where the dog had been. 


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