My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


7. Chapter 7

"Surprise!" Exclaimed all the people outside Moonrise's stable.
They had put up lots of decorations outside her stables and Moonrise herself had been washed and was now gleaming clean. Her tack, too, had been polished and she had it on as well as a brand new, clean saddle pad. The saddle pad was blue, and it matched the shiny, new boots she was wearing.
"What's happening?" I asked out loud. "We were going to get you Scooby for Christmas but you kept talking about Moonrise so we decided to get her for you instead."
It was my mom that answered. I hadn't seen that she was there. And so was my dad.
"Really?" I exclaimed!
"Yes. She is your own horse now. Why don't you get your helmet and go for a ride?" Said dad. 
"Yes!" I went and got my helmet and riding boots on. When I went back, everyone had already gone back to doing what they were supposed to do. Mom, dad and Scarlett took Moonrise outside onto the yard and held her while I jumped on. From now on I wouldn't need to fix my stirrups, except if I was jumping or someone else was riding her. I didn't do jumping that day. Just walk, trot and canter. 
After I had ridden in about 45mins, I cooled off bareback on Moonrise. I was about to put Moonrise in the barn, when Scarlett came over and said "Lucy, because Moonrise is yours now, she can't stand in one of the riding school barns. She has now got a new stable over at one of the private barns. Come, I'll show you where her new stable is." 
I followed after Scarlett into the private barn C. They all have letters so you can remember which one is which. I was lucky there, because barn C is the best one. There are only 5 stables in it and they are quite big. Each barn also has there own tack room. I put Moonrise in her new stable, and went over to where I had my locker. I took all if my things out it and took them over to Moonrise's stable.
In the tack room there's a locker, a saddle rack for a saddle and two pegs for a bridle and a headcollar. I hang the saddle up on the saddle rack, hang the bridle up on one of the pegs, and then I hanged my headcollar beside the bridle. I put my rug for Moonrise at the side, and ten put the rest off the stuff in the locker. This locker was bigger than the old one. I then went to Moonrise's new stable and put her rug on. Because it was now the end of November, it was cold so the horses and ponies all had to have rugs on. I said goodbye to Moonrise, and then got my bike and cycled home. Mom and dad had drove home in the car after I had ridden Moonrise.


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