My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


4. Chapter 4

That last sentence made me think. She couldn't lease Moonrise! She just couldn't! I would have to get my lease changed over onto Moonrise. No one really likes riding Scooby, because he has a habit of bucking a lot. When I got home, I asked my mom
"Mom, Moonrise, one of the new ponies is so nice to ride! Can I maybe change my lease over to her?"
"What about poor Scooby?" She asked. "How will he feel when you abandon him?"
"I won't be abandoning him! I know another girl who is waiting to lease him after me!" I exclaimed.
"Yes!" I answered and it was true. There was a girl who loved Scooby as well. She was really nice, and I wouldn't mind her leasing Scooby, because she is a good rider and she knows how to control Scooby and make him go really well.
"Well let me talk to dad about it," mom said.
"You have to have an answer tonight," I said and turned around and went into my room.
That evening, while we were eating dinner, I asked, "So, can I lease Moonrise instead of Scooby?"
"Well let me see," replied my dad. "Take this as an early Christmas gift."
It was in the end of November and there was still no snow, and it was cold.
"What do you mean?" I asked, puzzled.
"When we have finished eating we will go down to the stables, I want to see Moonrise before I decide," said mom.
We were finished eat dinner and drove down to the stables. I was very confused about what mom and dad had said. At the stables, I went over to Moonrise. Mom and dad followed me over to her.
"So this is Moonrise then?" Dad asked.
"Yep," was my reply.
"Hey Lucy, what are you doing here?"
It was Scarlett. She had come to feed the horses. They all started kicking on their stables doors, waiting impatiently on their food. As the horses got their food, there became peace again.
"Mom and dad wanted to see Moonrise," I told Scarlett.
"Well, once she is finished eating, you can take her out on the yard," Scarlett replied.
"Ok!" I said.
I took Moonrise out onto the yard when she was finished eating. My mom and dad looked at her as she turned her head towards a small field close by.
"You can come and pat her, if you want," I said to mom and dad. "She doesn't bite."
My mom reached out and patted Moonrise. Moonrise just stood still, while mom and dad patted her.
“Do you think we can see you ride?” My dad asked me.
“Maybe, ask Scarlett,” was my reply.
My dad went to find Scarlett to see if they could see me ride. Scarlett had obviously said yes, because my dad came with Moonrise’s bridle and a brush and shortly after, Scarlett came with her saddle.


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