My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


3. Chapter 3

I looked at Moonrise, gleaming in the sun. She was a beautiful black pony.  I tightened the girth and jumped on. She started prancing around, light on her feet. I patted her neck to reassure her. I walked Moonrise into the outdoor school. It was almost like a normal lesson, because Scarlett was shouting things that the people riding the other new ponies and I should do. We walked, trotted, cantered, and had a little jump at the end. Moonrise was really well schooled. After a few minutes, she was walking nicely on the bit.
After the lesson, if you can call it that, I put Moonrise back in her stable, before writing to my mom. I wrote;
Hey mom I love you so much xxx your the best mom in the world xxxx. I rode a new pony that came today called Moonrise. She's a black mare and stands at 14.1hh. She was so nice, but so are you xxx Moonrise is perfect xxx your perfect too mom xxx I love you so much xx your the best mom in the world xxx Love from your daughter, Lucy xxxx
P.S. Moonrise is for sale.
Every day in that week I was down at the stables. It was the summer holidays, so I had plenty of time. I lunged Scooby every day, and after about a week, I could ride him again. I also got to ride Moonrise. Scarlett said that I rode her really well.
One day, I woke up with a sore throat and a headache. I told my mom, and she said that I had better stay at home and rest until I was better. I sent a message to Scarlett, telling her that I couldn't come to the stables. She told me that Scooby could get a day off. She didn't mention Moonrise at all. When I came to the barn the next day, I saw Scarlett teaching. I went over and said hi to her. She told me to tack up Moonrise and have her ready by twelve o'clock. I looked at the big clock on the wall. It was twenty minutes to twelve. I groomed Moonrise and tacked her up. At twelve on the dot, I led Moonrise over to the school. Scarlett took her from me, and told me to go and ride Scooby. I could see in her eyes that she didn't want me to watch this lesson. I gave Moonrise one last pat, before I went over to Scooby.
I groomed and tacked up Scooby, and went into the indoor school. Scarlett was teaching outside, so I couldn't ride anywhere else. I got on and tightened the girth from Scooby's back. I focused on getting Scooby to go right. I got him to go on the bit and move at the slightest of aids.  After I had ridden Scooby, Moonrise was finished as well.
"Who was that riding Moonrise?" I asked Scarlett.
"She is called Jasmine," Scarlett replied. "She is thinking about leasing Moonrise."


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