My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


14. Chapter 14

Before he could reply, mom came in with a plastic bag.
"Here's what they had of horsey stuff," mom told me.
I looked in the bag and took everything out, one by one. My mom had bought two different horse magazines, the only heartland book I didn't have, which was number 12, a book that I've always wanted called the one dollar champion, and she had also bought a bag of haribos and some chocolate.
"Thanks mom!" I exclaimed.
I started reading the one dollar champion book straight away. I'd only read a few pages, when there was a knock on the door. My mom, who had been sitting talking with my dad, called out "come in!"
The door slowly opened and I looked at who had come in. I couldn't believe she had come.
"Scarlett!" I exclaimed! She had come to see me! I loved her so much. She was like a mom to me, even though she was my trainer.
"Hey Lucy, how's it going?" Scarlett came over to the bed and I hugged her.
"Not bad," I replied. "It's not much fun being here though."
"Yeah, I would imagine," Scarlett said.
"How's Moonrise doing?" I asked.
"She's doing fine, Lucy. You don't need to worry about her," Scarlett said in a tone, so I knew something was wrong.
"What has happened to Moonrise?!" I exclaimed.
"She's just a bit off her feed, Lucy," Scarlett said calmly.
I sighed with relief.
"She hasn't been ridden, but been out in field during the day, and in her stable at night. So far, I've been the only one near her. She bites at everyone else who tries to come to her. She's not been eating anything, and when she's out in the field, she just stands there with her head down. In the stable, she does the same. I haven't wanted to ride her, because she will get too thin," Scarlett said.
"You have to get her to eat, Scarlett," I said. "Will she not eat apples, carrots or mints?"
"I fed her an apple and she ate it, but when I gave her another one, she just blew on it and looked away, uninterested," Scarlett said. "She did the same when I have her carrots, and I haven't tried giving her mints."
Scarlett looked at the clock up on the wall.
"Listen, Lucy, I have to go back now and feed all the horses. Get better soon so you can come and ride," was Scarlett's last words, before she left the room.


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