My Moonrise Pony

The story is about a girl, that loves to ride and dreams of getting her own horse. When a new horse comes to the barn, Lucy is determined to buy the new horse, Moonrise.


12. Chapter 12

The week of school and riding moonrise quickly past, and soon, it was Saturday, time for another private lesson with Scarlett.
I was tacking up Moonrise, when Scarlett came bursting into the barn.
"I'm a bit late with the lessons, so you'll have to wait 15mins more before your lesson," She said, before turning around and going out the barn.
I decided to walk up and down the road, until 20 minutes before, when I would trot and canter. Outside, I mounted Moonrise, and walked along the road. She walked with her ears forward all the time, as I walked up the road. At the end of the road, I turned and walked back. I looked at a clock. In 10 minutes I could start first trotting, and then cantering, to get ready for the lesson. I turned around and walked up the road. I just had enough time, before warming up in trot and canter. As I walked down towards the stables, there came a big truck. It slid, and turned towards Moonrise and I. Moonrise reared. I saw the big truck coming towards me, and then everything went black.
When I opened up my eyes, I saw my mom and dad beside me.
"Where am I?" I asked. "What happened?"
"You are in the hospital. You've been laying in a coma for days. What can you remember?" Mom asked me.
"I was on Moonrise, and I was riding down towards the stables, and, and, and then there came this big truck, and Moonrise reared, and, and that truck.... Mom, where is Moonrise? Has anything happened to her?" I panicked.
There wasn't aloud to be anything that happened to Moonrise. She had to live, she just had to. What would I do without her?
"Don't worry, Moonrise is fine. The truck came towards you, and Moonrise reared, so you fell off, and she kicked you to the side, out of the way of the truck. Neither her or you got hit by the truck. She saved your life, Lucy. If she hadn't, you would have been dead," Mom told me.


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