Paradox (Harry Styles)

"We're like fire and gasoline; I'm no good for you, you're no good for me"


4. Three

The rude boy whose name was Harry came out with a satisfied arrogant grin on his face only ten minutes later. I tried not to hang around; but if I was honest I was intrigued with him. So as I went to leave I felt my feet plant to the ground as if resisting my movement. 

He walked past me painstakingly slow and purposely brushed my arm as he went by, the same grin yet to leave his face. I rolled my eyes but couldn't help but head into the office herself to ask what Harry had talked about with Vince. 

Vince was sat in his seat, shuffling through papers intensely, not even noticing my presence before I coughed lightly. He looked up and smiled, gesturing for me to take a seat in on of the comfy leather chairs placed opposite of his desk. 

"How can I help you miss Raley?" he asked, stamping some sort of ink to a paper. 

"I know it isn't really my business but what was the boy here for?" I asked, twirling a piece of my hair in my slim fingers to distract my gaze from Vince's.

"Oh Harry, his name is Harry. He came in for a job interview," Vince said nonchalantly and my heart sank into my stomach. He wanted to work her. Just her luck that a rude prick of a boy wanted to work the same she did, "And might I say he was very lovely, got the job right away."

"You cannot be serious," I huffed under my breath so Vince couldn't hear me, "That's good." 

I was at a loss for words really, not knowing how to respond. The room grew quiet and I took that as my cue to leave. Bidding farewell to Vince I exited the office and into the employee lounge to grab some lunch. 

Not surprisingly Lana was over in the corner with Harry, they both were snacking and Lana was leaned over the table, her blazer had a few buttons undone, just enough to show off her chest more than necessary...typically Lana. But Harry seemed disinterested, his eyes immediately landing on me as I entered the room. 

He stood up tall, completely dissing Lana and stalking towards me, his tall figure menacing and dark coming closer to me every second. I tried to ignore him but it proved difficult trying to keep my eyes off his sparkling emerald eyes and enticing smirk that complimented his dimples placed on his clear ivory toned face. 

"Hey Laurel, guess we're co-workers now huh?" he said, taking a seat next to me at the table. Lana was still over at her initial spot looking very confused. I knew she wasn't used to guys losing interest in her so quickly, especially for someone like me. 

"Yeah, super" I said, my voice laced with sarcasm. He chuckled deeply, scooting closer to me than before. My breathing hitched in my throat as his right arm came into contact with my own.

"I can tell we're going to get along just fine, love" he said sending me a wink. I grimaced at him and turned away, taking my sandwich in one hand and my bottle of water in the other. Standing up and waving a goodbye to a steaming mad Lana I rushed off desperate to leave Harry's company.

It was like a sort of love and hate to him that I couldn't put my finger on. His exquisite features enticed and hypnotized her beyond belief. Something about his deep green eyes that shined so brightly, and his perfectly sculptured curls that lay atop his head made me want to run my fingers through the soft looking strands. 

But then he opens his mouth, and that signature smirk of his makes its way to his face and my excitement ceases. His sharp and provocative words really scared and infuriated me to no end. If he didn't have a mouth, or that shady look about him then I think everything would be perfectly fine. His personality was crude and horrid but I had a feeling that no matter how rude he could be I'd still be drawn to him, but I don't know why. 



I got home that night later than usual; the train schedule was running a tad late. But it didn't bother me as much as it should have. My mind was on something else; Harry. I had to know what he was up to before coming to Liberty. His secretive demeanor had me wondering, my brain screaming, my mind whirling around in an eecstasy of motion. Sadly I knew no way of finding out about him other than asking him personally or going through the file that Vince kept in his office. 

A crazy idea popped into my mind. I knew it was extremely wrong of me and I could get in a ton of trouble for performing a stunt as unprofessional as this but the curiosity I was feeling was practically eating me alive. 

I made up my mind hastily; tomorrow during Vince's lunch break I would find Harry's file and satisfy my wondering mind. Hopefully all would go well and I'll be able to sneak in, read, and get the hell out of there with no complications...hopefully. 

Sighing to myself I headed to the bathroom and turned the faucet on, desperately needing a bot shower to clear my mind. I always thought things through better in the shower for some odd reason, I guess it was just because I focused more intently with steamy water running down my body, soaking me all over. 

I indulged in the wonderful feeling of the hot water meeting my bare skin, relaxing my tense muscles. I stayed still, just relishing in the enjoyable feeling the liquid brought to me before lathering shampoo and conditioner into my hair. 

Reluctantly a while later I hopped out of the shower immediately regretting it as the cold air reached me, taking the lovely warm sensation away from my body. I wrapped my hair into a towel and dried off, then slipping some pajama bottoms and a loose top onto myself. 

It was still relatively early for me to go to bed so I ended up scrolling through twitter, shifting through my time line in a boring manner. The same old things were written on the tiny phone screen, nothing unusual standing out. 

That is until one tweet with a link attached to it made me perk up with remembrance. The tweet was from a news channels twitter, talking about some sort of new robbery that happened early this morning. 

Clicking on the link I bit my fingernail impatiently waiting for the page. Finally the article popped up, this one larger than the previous one about the jewelry store. 


"This just in, a new robbery has occurred yet again. It's said to be the same master mind behind the 'Fraser Hart' robbery that only just happened two days ago. Police say that the alarm was deactivated the exact same way, the wires being tangled and shredded. This time the mysterious robber broke into one of London's most precious historical buildings, stealing a famous piece of artwork that was said to be extremely valuable. The owner of the 'Barbican Art Gallery' located in central London is furious and stressed beyond belief. Although this time around, police have a witness that had helped them sketch a drawing of the alleged robber. The witness did not want his name to be revealed but simply said that it was dark, but all he could see were the eyes of the criminal shining abnormally bright that night as he walked past the gallery...more news to come later..."

I set my phone down on the dresser beside the bed and tucked myself into the duvet further. Liberty was located in central London and you could walk to the Barbican Art Gallery from there in practically ten minutes or so. 

My mind was reeling with all sorts of scenarios that could have happened. I don't know why these recent robbery crimes were so intriguing to me but I couldn't help but think about the master criminal who was stealing expensive things all over London. The one with the shimmering eyes.



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