Paradox (Harry Styles)

"We're like fire and gasoline; I'm no good for you, you're no good for me"


7. Six

The morning after I woke up with a preppy attitude. I don't know why I was in such a good mood but I didn't question it. Marcus had called me this morning saying he was going to come over and visit tomorrow to catch up which I guess is what I was happy about the most. I rarely see Marcus and I was always glad to have a chance to see him whenever we were both available. 

I made myself a big breakfast to celebrate. Frying up some bacon, pancakes and scrambled eggs I danced around the kitchen. I felt like today would be a good day and I needed it. Usually my weeks were boring and routine, the only time I got to get out and do fun things in the weekends and still sometimes I was just too lazy to even go out anyways. 

Once I finished breakfast I got a nice relaxing shower. After my hot shower I got out and curled my hair so that it flowed over my shoulders into loose brown waves and then I applied some makeup to my face so I didn't look like an undead zombie in public. 

I left the bathroom and headed to my room and straight to my closet to find something to wear. I settled on an oversized jumper with a pink bow tie embroidered on it and some black skinny jeans. Shoving my feet into my vintage combat boots and grabbing my phone I headed out the door and into the street. 

It was only until I arrived at the small cafe and ordered a latte did I realize that today I was going on a date with Harry. My head started to ache at the thought of the irritating boy. I couldn't believe I said yes to go somewhere with him. I mean I already was around him all week at work but me being my stupid self just couldn't say no to his puppy dog eyes pleading me to go with him. 

I didn't know where we were supposed to be going so I had no idea if I should dress casual or formal. I took my phone out while sipping on my drink and shot him a quick text. 

*Hey where are we going tonight?*

I was surprised when he texted back almost instantly. 

*You'll like it, promise. Just wear something warm and cozy*

*Okay. What time?*

*I'll be around your place at 7 or so. What's your address?*

I shrugged and texted him my address and a quick thanks before putting my phone back into my pocket. Getting up and dumping my empty cup into the trash I headed out of the cafe and into the cold crowded street once again. It was three days until Christmas and everyone was running around into different stores hustling to get the best sales. It was total chaos. 

It took me about forty five minutes just to make my way back home and when I arrived at my small apartment I instantly fell onto the bed. A small nap couldn't hurt right? Squeezing past all the other crazy people outside really tired me out and it was only three in the afternoon. I didn't have to start getting ready for Harry and I's date until maybe six or so since he said just to bundle up. 

I sat on my bed under the duvet wondering as to where he was taking me tonight. If he said it was cold then it must be somewhere outside much to my distaste. I absolutely loathed to cold weather and rather be snuggled up inside watching a movie beside the fireplace. 

Sooner or later I felt myself slip into a comfortable sleep, dreaming about what would happen tonight. Loads of different scenarios raced around my mind, my curiosity taking over completely. 




When I woke up I checked the time. It was five thirty in the evening. Harry would be here in an hour and a half and I just woke up looking like a monster that just got hit by a Double Decker bus. My hair was sticking out in strands all different directions and my previous make up from this morning was smeared all around my face. 

I decided a second shower couldn't hurt and hopping back into the warm steamy water, singing softly to myself as I scrubbed my face. 

Once I was done I blow dried my hair and straightened it and applied some more makeup to my face trying to look a bit more presentable, not that I wanted to try hard for a boy like Harry or anything.

 I went to my room and made my bed so it looked neat and clean. Then I walked to my closet and pulled out a more fancy lace sweater that was I nice magenta color. I pulled on a pair of skinny jeans and slipped my grey toms on. 

I checked the time once more as I plopped down onto my couch in the living room. The clock said 6:50pm. I was right on time and had ten minutes to spare. 

My stomach grumbled loudly and I was tempted to make myself something to eat. Harry didn't say specifically if we were going to get something to eat so I wasn't sure if I should eat quickly or not. 

After a couple minutes of debating I decided to nibble on a little snack instead of a whole meal. I headed to the kitchen and snacked on some Ritz crackers until I heard a knock at my door. 

I tried to swallow the rest of the crackers and checked to see if I had any food stuck in my teeth. When I was all clear I opened the door to see Harry dressed in black jeans, a white tee shirt and some worn brown boots. He smile at me and nodded for me to follow him out. I shut the door behind me and locked it before quickly following him out the door. 


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