Paradox (Harry Styles)

"We're like fire and gasoline; I'm no good for you, you're no good for me"


8. Seven

"So where are we going?" I asked. We were both sat in his black SUV silently. His huge hands gripped the steering wheel tightly and his intense emerald eyes were fixed on the road. 

Harry grunted in response, not moving his position in the slightest. I rolled my eyes and slumped into the seat a bit more. I looked around his car, noticing an empty Doritos bag laying on the car floor and a piece of paper sticking out from the the car visor above me. I go to reach for it, curious as to what is says but a strong arms stops me. 

I glance over to see Harry and his strong arm blocking mine from the visor. His face was a mixture between annoyance and anger. Slowly I lay my arm back down and stare at him confused. 

"What do you think you're doing?" he asked, his voice lower than usual. I scooted away from him an inch, feeling quite intimidated by his tall and menacing figure in the car. 

"I was just wondering wha-"

"Don't do that."

"Oh, sorry" I softly say, adverting my eyes from Harry and shifting them out of the window. He sighed and I feel his hand lay gently on my right thigh. 

He and I say nothing for the rest of the ride to where ever he is taking me yet his hand stays firmly planted on the thigh, rubbing tiny comforting circles on my skin. 

Once the car stops I glance out of the window and see a big sign that reads "Ice Skating" and a fairly empty skating rink next to it. Only two or three other couples glide around the ice talking and laughing at each other as Harry and I get out of the car. 

We check in and get skates. I'm not a fan of being in any other footwear that doesn't have soles and keeps me planted firmly on the ground but it's too late to back out now. I just wish Harry would have told me so I could prepare myself better. 

I lace up my skates and follow Harry onto the slippery ice, immediately feeling unstable on the ground beneath me. On instinct I latch myself onto Harry, gripping him for dear life before I fell flat on my bum. 

"You alright?" he says with humor laced in his tone, looking down at me with his sparkling green eyes that seem so welcoming now. 

"I've never been ice skating before" I admit, shying away a bit. 

"Well now's a good time to start. Here I'll help you" he replies, casually unhooking my from his figure and holding onto my hand so I can feel some sort of stability. 

He glides around, pulling me along with him as I struggle to keep my balance. I shuffle my meet unevenly here and there, gaining some, but not much, speed to help Harry out. 



About half an hour later I can stand on my own and slowly skate around without having to hold onto Harry and I feel tremendously proud of myself. I catch up to Harry and he hooks his arm around me smiling at me. 

"You're a natural" he remarks. My heart swells at his words and I shuffle closer to his body as we skate together across the ice beneath us. 

"Yeah, I guess I am. Aren't I?" I reply. I unravel myself from him, our hands still connected as I pick up speed. 

I have know idea what I'm doing or why I'm doing it but I try to go faster and faster until Harry is chuckling uncontrollably as I drag him behind me. 

The next thing I know, my foot gets caught in a small dip in the ice that must have chipped off, causing me to trip and tightening my hold on Harry's hand as I tumble down onto the cold ice below. 

When I look up I see Harry laying over top of me laughing loudly, his dimples protruding on his face. His smile was so refreshing to see, since he always wore either a frown or a cocky smirk when I saw him at work. 

We collect ourselves off the ground and make our way out of the ice rink. On our way back to the car after we return our skates we see a small Hot Chocolate stand. 

"Want to get some?" Harry asks, snaking his arm around me again. I nod and we both head off to order some delicious hot chocolate. 

Once we bought our drinks we sit down at a tiny iron table outside and sip in comfortable silence for a couple minutes. 

This was really nice. I was glad I was seeing a much more pleasurable side of Harry. And maybe he wasn't such a bad, arrogant, and annoying guy after all. Tonight he showed a different side of himself and really made me glad I agreed to come with him in the first place. 

"This was nice tonight" I break the silence still looking down at my drink. 

"It was" he agrees, his deep voice as smooth as butter. 

"Thanks, for taking me. I'm glad I agreed to come" 

"Really?" He lifts his head up to smile at me. He looks generally surprised at me and I nod. He bows his head down again, taking another sip from his plastic cup.

"Hey Harry" I ask. He lifts his head, sweeping his chocolate brown curls to the side of his forehead and gazing at me. 

"Hmm?" he hummed, his eyes glued on me. 

"Will you be this nice to me at work?" 


Harry stays where he is for a good two minutes, still leaving my question unanswered. I see him shift his eyes away, not looking me in the eye anymore. I'm really confused but i wait, wanting to hear his answer. 

Finally he stand up, and grabs his now empty cup and throws it out in a nearby trash can. I stay sitting down, wanting him to answer me now. 

"It's getting late, we'd better go" is all he says before turning and getting into his SUV. 

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