Paradox (Harry Styles)

"We're like fire and gasoline; I'm no good for you, you're no good for me"


5. Four

"Harry, knock that off" I huffed at the curly haired boy behind the counter who was currently throwing balls of scrunched up paper at me while I wasn't looking. What was he, twelve? He sure had the maturity of a twelve year old, that's for sure.

"Knock what off?" he asked, putting an innocent grin upon his face. I rolled my eyes and walked over to him, prying the remaining paper clutched in his hands from him and shoving it into my own pocket. 

"Throwing paper at me" I replied with a smirk. He let out an annoyed grunt. I walked away satisfied with myself. 

I had been putting up with Harry for a whole week now at work and he always found a new way to grind my gears every new day. Good thing it was Friday and I had the weekend off from practically babysitting him at work. 

Lana had been keeping her distance all week and I wondered why. I mean she of all people wouldn't be afraid of a boy and stay away for that long, especially from an attractive boy like Harry. I couldn't help but feel that she was upset that he had latched himself onto me instead of her. 

If she wanted him she could have him. I'm sick and tired of him constantly following me around and infuriating me on purpose. 

I was about to go the the employee lounge to grab my phone and backpack since my shift was over but Harry speed walked up to me, slowing his pace as he came beside me. I felt his green eyes burn into me, intensely studying me as if I was a rare specimen from another planet. 

"Can I help you with something?" I snapped at him, trying to subtly quicken my pace. 

"Where are you going?"

"The employee lounge."


I stopped and turned to face him. He was curious, too curious. It was to the point where it was down right annoying. He stopped, standing right beside me waiting for me to answer. 

"Why do you ask so many irrelevant questions?" I shot back.

"Why won't you just answer them without giving me attitude?" He snapped back, his tone instantly turning harsh. I took a step back; he took a step forward. 

"I-I need to go, my shift is over." I stumbled past him and booked it to the lounge. Hurrying I grabbed my things and tried to rush out of work without anyone or anything stopping me in fear that Harry would catch up. 

As I waited for the elevator to take me to the ground floor a tall figure came beside me, dangerously close. I knew in an instant who it was. He just couldn't seem to stay away.

"Laurel," he began, his voice tiny and gentle, "look at me."

I reluctantly turned and face him, my head tilted upwards since he was towering over me. 

"What do you want Harry?"

"Do you feel safe?" he asked randomly. My face twisted into confusion at his words. What does he mean by safe? I mean Liberty is a pretty safe store and we have a lot of security guards scattered around at all times. 

"What do you mean?" I asked. 

"Er, never mind. I just, wanted, uh," he paused, swiping his tongue over his pink lips, "I just wanted to apologize, you know, for being a dick" 

I didn't know how to reply, or even how to react. He seemed genuine but I knew that he initially wasn't coming to apologize. But none the less I shrugged and offered a small smile his way. 

"It's fine Harry" I said. The elevator dinged and I took that as my cue to end the conversation. Hopping into the empty elevator I pressed the ground button. Harry stood there for a second or two before joining me in the small space. 

"Um, Harry what are you do-" 

"Will you go somewhere with me?" he cut me off, another random sentence pooping out of his mouth. He stood there silent, his eyes practically begging me to say yes to him. 


"You'll like it, promise"

"Why would I want to go with you?" I asked. It came out a bit snippy but I didn't try to correct myself. I mean Harry has been nothing but a pain all week and now on Friday when I'm ready to have a break from him he starts coming around. 

"Well I um," he trails off, trying to come up with a valid reason. As he thinks deeply I can see the desperation scribbled on his face. He apparently had his heart set on taking me to wherever it is he wanted to take me. 

I sighed; why did I always have to give in and say yes? I knew I would probably regret the words that I was about to say to the curly haired boy but he seemed to be really trying. And I was willing enough to push all the annoying and agitating things he has done to me from Monday to today and forget. 

"Fine. I'll go with you" I mumbled. 

Harry shot up, his eyes growing brighter and a genuine grin creeping its way onto his face. 

"What, Really?" he asked, shocked at my answer just as much as I was. 

I begrudgingly nodded, offering him a tiny smile. The elevator reached to ground floor and dinged loudly as the doors slid open.

"Wait," Harry said stopping me for the millionth time that day it seemed, "I need your phone number so I can ring you up" 

I nodded, handing him my phone so he could punch in his number. After he was done he handed the small electronic back to me and smirked, following me out of the elevator. 

"Okay, well I should get going, bye Harry" I said waving at him. He waved back all the way til I reached the doors of the front lobby and walked out of the doors. 

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