Lexi, Riley, and Annie are three ordinary girls. Or at least that's how everyone else sees them. The truth is, they have a secret. Their secret - if brought outside of their circle, would result in death.


8. What? No…


          Lexi calmly closed her locker and secured her purple combination lock. She glanced over at Riley, who seemed to be having some difficulty closing her locker.

          "You okay there, Riley?" Lexi called over the noise of everyone packing up. She shouldered her pink backpack and made her way through the crowd to her best friend.

          "Ya, it's just my stupid locker won't close again."

          Lexi leaned over. "Well, let's just take a look - Geez, Riley! No wonder it won't close!!!"

          "What?" Riley asked. "I just have a couple of books out of place! The locker is being dumb, as always. I might just have to ask Mr. Henry to trade with someone. Hopefully he'll say yes, 'cause if he didn't, that'd just be terr - "

          "Riley!" Lexi snapped. "It's your fault your locker isn't closing. You need to reorganize it!"

          "Fine, I'll do it later." Riley gave her locker one last shove and it closed, thankfully.

          "Okay. But where's Annie? She should like, be out of History by now…" Lexi stopped talking when she saw Annie, surrounded by a huge crowd, trying to make her way to her locker. Sure, Annie was sweet and everything, but as far as Lexi knew, she and Riley were her only friends. She had just moved from Kansas, and wasn't exactly the most outgoing person. So what was she doing surrounded by a huge crowd?

          Lexi cast a worried glance at Riley before surging into the crowd. While she pushed her way through, she kept hearing the stupid freshmen yell things like "Really?" and "Oh my gosh, did you hear what happened?" or "He was probably just doing it to get attention, like that nerd girl said."

          Finally, Lexi reached her friend at the center of the crowd. "Annie! What's going on?"

          Annie turned to face her friend. Her face was beet red and she looked like she was about to cry. "They know." She whispered before running down the hall, probably to the library.

          Know what? Lexi asked herself as the crowd started to dissipate. As far as I know, Annie doesn't have any secrets. I mean, she probably would've told us if she had already shared her biggest secret with us. Wait - her biggest secret! Oh no!

          Lexi felt her face go pale. I have to fix this! She told herself angrily. She grabbed one of the freshmen's shoulders out of the crowd. "What happened?" She asked.

          The freshmen giggled and said, "Hi, I'm Jenna!" She motioned to the girl walking beside her. "And this is Tiffany!"

          "Okaaaay," Lexi said. "So what was that big fuss about?"

          "Oh that?" Jenna said absentmindedly. "That was just me telling some kids that my younger brother said that girl over there can turn into the bird. And then when we asked her about it, she said he was probably just making it up to get attention, and that definitely sounds like Mark!"

          Lexi put on a fake smile and laughed. "Oh my gosh!" She said between hysterical giggles. "That is so ridiculous!"

          "Ya I know, right?" the Tiffany, the girl by Jenna's side, said. "And Mark also told Jenna that there were two other girls but he only saw one. Wait - were you one of the other girls?"

          "What? No…" Lexi said uncertainly. Quickly recovering, she asked, "So what were you saying about, Mark? I think that was his name."

          "He's so annoying!" Jenna said.

          "I know, right!" Tiffany joked, and the two girls walked past Lexi, enveloped in their own conversation. As they walked away, Lexi caught sight of a small boy standing next to the walls. He had been listening to their conversation, Lexi was sure of it! But by the time she walked though the crowd to the spot, he was gone. ​That's weird. Lexi thought. ​Normally only high schoolers hang out around here, not fifth graders! But Lexi passed it off without a second thought.

          She hurried over to Riley, who was still wrestling with her locker. Finally, just as Lexi walked up, she slammed and locked it. "What was that all about?" Riley asked.

          "Come with me." Lexi said, dragging her friend towards the library. Riley went along, although the puzzled look on her face almost made Lexi laugh out loud. Almost. But they had just faced the first of their storms that came with having extraordinary powers. And there were going to be many more.

          The two friends eventually came to the library, and after cruising through the aisles for a minute or two, they came across Annie, who was sitting down, leaning against one of the shelves, her nose buried in a book.

          "Annie!" Lexi cried. "There you are!"

          Annie jumped, sending her glasses flying. The book slammed on the floor. Riley collected her friend's glasses and book before helping her up.

          "Come on, let's go." Lexi said once Annie was on her feet.

          "Good idea." Annie said.

          "Ya, we can talk at the bench in the park, since I have no idea what is going on." Riley said, leading the way out.

          "Great." Lexi followed. She smiled at the librarian, Ms. Demusa, and the three friends walked through the hall, each thankful that their secret had been kept at least one more day.

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