The Pharaohs curs

The phosphors curs is all about these three kids called Cleo, Rion and Britny who stumble upon a hole which contend a psychotic rampaging phosphor who want to kill who ever comes in his under droned space. But one of them dies in the end.................

Who do you think it will be ?????


4. The Pharaohs curs chapter 4


" So why did you all go in". said Bill 

" because we wanted to see what's in here and we thought it would be interesting Daddy". said Britny 

" we where all going frantic looking for you all". said Bill 

"ok ok" said Britny  

"do you know the person who said Foolish mortals I've told you once and you dare disobey ME now you will never get OUT ALIVE". said Roxanne

" it's the Pharaoh Tutankhamen". said Cleo

" but that's impossible Tutankhamen is dead". said Roxanne

"I know  Tutankhamen should be dead but he's still alive". Cleo said  

Tutankhamen cackled evilly for a while then said"well well well you may of found out who I am but your not going to make it out alive". 

Cleo whispered to everyone"I have a plan". 

 Then Cleo shouted out at the top of her lungs "if we are not doing to make it out alive why don't you show your self and stop hiding like a wimp". 

Rion shouted out "At you afraid  of us". 

Tutankhamen screamed "you will take back what you said foolish human". 

But Rion said " what you going to do go and push another bolder and wait for it to kill me. I am so afraid of a bolder I could move out of".

"I think that you should stop Rion before you say something you will regret". Cleo shouted 

" Like that stupid Pharaoh can do anything to me." Rion boosted 

" That it I  told you once but you wouldn't shut up." Tutankhamen.


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