The Pharaohs curs

The phosphors curs is all about these three kids called Cleo, Rion and Britny who stumble upon a hole which contend a psychotic rampaging phosphor who want to kill who ever comes in his under droned space. But one of them dies in the end.................

Who do you think it will be ?????


3. The Pharaohs curs chapter 3

Meanwhile while Cleo, Britny and Rion where running and screaming for there lives the parents where trying to find out what Tutankhamen was saying. 


" maybe there in here"said Roxanne Cleo's Mum

"Ok then. let's  tern around and see if there in here"said Bill Britny's Dad

"Ok then" said Susan Rion's Mum.


Then Roxanne,Bill and Susan turned arrowed and ran as fast as they could twisting and passing the traps until they saw a bolder and shouted


"OVER HERE IT'S US!!!!!!!" All of them said at the top of there lungs   


" at lest there ok"said Britny

"yer" said Rion


"let's catch up with them kids" said Roxanne

"ok then" said Susan


"HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET TO US?" Cleo shouted out 

"Oh um try to run to the right and stay there until we get there!!!!" Roxanne shouted over to Cleo,Rion and Britny.


So then the all ran to the right until the bolder passed them and when it did it did are parents rushed over as quick as they could. 

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