The Pharaohs curs

The phosphors curs is all about these three kids called Cleo, Rion and Britny who stumble upon a hole which contend a psychotic rampaging phosphor who want to kill who ever comes in his under droned space. But one of them dies in the end.................

Who do you think it will be ?????


2. The Pharaohs curs chapter 2

 "Fullish mortals I've told you once and you dare disobey ME now you will never get OUT ALIVE !!!!!" The mysterious figure said 

" who's in here?" Rion said 

"I could be other people investigating or even worse are parents"said Cleo  

"how is that worse?"Britny said with a  confused look on her face 

"because they might be lost or killed by the traps"Cleo said

"Oh no.What should we do then " Britny said 

"What should we do then ? Go find them or keep on going." Rion said

"I don't know .  Keep on going and hope we would find them " Cleo said 

"Ok then. Let's Go. "Britny said


So the rushed as fast as they can twisting and turning until a dead end.So they went back would's and saw the mysterious figure it had blood shot red eyes that glow in the dark and had yellow,brown and orange coloured bandages raped around it's body . 


"It's a mummy" Britny said 

"My name is Tutankhamen you my all ask me one question each be four I kill you all"said Tutankhamen

"WHAT!!!!" They all say

"First questions now" said  Tutankhamen 

"Why do you want to kill us"said Britny

"one because it's fun and two because you are trespassing" said Tutankhamen

"Ok then " said Briny 

"Next question now!!!!!!!!!"Tutankhamen shouted in rage 

" were is are parents?" said Rion

" at a dead end wandering who I am and hoping you three are in here as well" said Tutankhamen

"Next question now" Tutankhamen said 

" Ok then.What do you mean kill us all" 

" you know before I kill you all with this bolder because I don't like all of you. Here it is"Tutankhamen said 


​Tutankhamen gave the bolder  a big push and and then cackled evilly.  





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