The Pharaohs curs

The phosphors curs is all about these three kids called Cleo, Rion and Britny who stumble upon a hole which contend a psychotic rampaging phosphor who want to kill who ever comes in his under droned space. But one of them dies in the end.................

Who do you think it will be ?????


5. The End To A Good Friend And A new Love


"I see a big light.let's go and follow it may led to the way out." Cleo said.

So everyone followed behind Cleo in extortion.Until we came to a pit and it was 50 meters deep filled with crocodiles and they looked ravenous like the haven't ate for weeks or mouths. 


"That what you get for messing with the big dog." said Tutankhamen while he cackled. 


"Rion why did you have to make him upset." Cleo said.  


"I..I...........I." Rion said with a stutter. 


"There's no point in fight you guys."  said Britny 


"We all have to jump across the pit and hope we get across. I'll try first." Roxanne. 


"promise me you won't die like dad did."Cleo said as she swelled up with tears.  


"I promise I won' t die." Roxanne with a low tone in her voice.


Roxanne jumped  across  and luckily made it over to the other and put her fume up which signalled that she was ok. after that Britny,Bill, Susan jumped across and the made it. But when it came to Cleo she froze on the spot. 

"what's rough" Rion answered. 


"I am afraid of heights" Cleo replied.


"Oh ok. How about  we jump across together ok."Cleo said. 


" Yar thanks Rion." Said Cleo.


"Ok ........1 ............2 ......................3 .............GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted both Rion and Cleo.


We both jumped across but we didn't make it like the others. Well Cleo did but Rion didn't. Cleo was cling in on to Rion griping him so tightly. But Rion said. 

"let go of me."


"No way I can't let go of you."said Cleo.


"But I want you to I don't want you to get killed." Rion said . 


"You can't save him so give up you stupid,ugly and disgusting girl.No guy will ever love you"said Tutankhamen while cackling.  


"Shut up you stupid Pharaoh. Just because your rich doesn't give you the right to say thing like that to someone as kind as Cleo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Rion shouted at the top of his lungs. 


"Thanks Rion for saying that." Said Cleo.


"I want to tell you some the before  you drop me." Said Rion.  


"What that?"Said Cleo. 


" I................I......I.......I      I love you."Said Rion 


Cleo's eye opened widely and her moth open wider then she replied 

"I.....I......I don't know what to say but I love you too." 

 Cleo shuffled over to Rion closer and closer  then she lent in and then she kissed him. Then dropped Rion to his doom. Cleo watched him as he got tern apart as his flesh ripped apart into pieces. All that was left there was the bones and his blood left in the wall. 


Cleo ran outside with the others. She cried for 3 week but she finally got over it. She will never for get him and she also never went to Egypt again after that time. Every time she went it made her cry so much.


The End!!!!!!!!!! 








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