My Bully Is Now My Lover

This story is about a girl named Nicki Gracia a 12th grader who falls in love with her bully."HARRY STYLES"An they have a feelings for each other.


2. This class


I went to this empty class room to think and a few minutes later Harry,Liam,Zayn,Nail,And Lious walk in I was scared I didn't know what they were gonna do. They came in Harry said im ganna pay for what i did to Brianna he leaned my back against the desk . I said so what u gonna rape me he said that sounds good I said no I was joking but there was nothing that could stop him . He told he told the guys Liam said I get sloppy seconds with her ok Harry said what ever . I said Harry please don't he said I not gonna rape you I just won't to talk to you . About what I said.I love you to for many year I just didn't have the gut to tel- . ....I was cut off when he smashed his lips I got butterflies I felt so good . After what have felt like hours we stopped and Harry said can we finish this at his house I bit my lip and nodded yes .......


It's after school and i see Harry waiting for me by his car I smiled and got in his car . We arrived at his house it was huge "wow " I mumbled he said I know. We walked into his house Harry introduced me to his little sister Gemma and his mom Jenna . As we made it into his room Harry pushed me against his bed and was holding my wrist he started kissing me it felt amazing he tried pulling my shirt up but I said I can't . He just stopped and said tell when you wanna loose your virginity then he smirked I was blushing . TO BE CONTINUED..... Comment and like

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