My Bully Is Now My Lover

This story is about a girl named Nicki Gracia a 12th grader who falls in love with her bully."HARRY STYLES"An they have a feelings for each other.




I WALK IN TO 2nd period and saw Nicki I love the way her eyes sparkle and she actually looked hot today he was wearing coral high waisted jeans coral crop top leather jacket and white flats. As I walked in to class I grab her but she flinched but when she notices me she smiled luckily no one noticed. Wish I never bullied her so that I could just have her nobody would even care. If I could just scream Nicki I love you but I can't .My reputation I don't want to ruin it even if I love her as much as I do . Class started today I sat next to Nicki. I passed her a note that said. Want to go to the club with me and the boys she shook her hand I told her i will pick her up at 9.

After skool I came home my mom wasn't home but I forgot that she said she had to go out and get a dress for her date tonight which I'm going to unfortunately . Finally my mom comes home a with a beautified red dress with white poka dots it was pretty . She went up stairs to get ready and so did I put on black jeans and black shirt that said 1D in red on it and my red Adidas. Me and mom came down at the same time and we were matching perfectly . Then i heard a knock on the door she opened it and was beaming that's how I knew she was in love. They walked in and I absolutely knew who was when she met Jeremy and Justin . She meant Jeremy Justin Jazym and Jaxson BIEBER. I was happy I would love justin to be my stepbrother . We said hi and got ready for dinner once we where done Justin and I left my mom and my stepdad to talk. We went up to my room when we got there I asked Justin if he ed like to go to party with me he said hell yeah since I may be moving out here might as well get a girlfriend. Say good be ready at eight . He said hey you look familiar are you on TV or something and I laughed yeah I'm in 1Direction the Harry Styles louis Tomilson zayn Malik Niall Horan Liam Payne Who doesn't know us I know you justin Bieber baby , U smile Maria boyfriend and know your songs you should know are songs to we sold 3 million copies and were on the billboards in 37 countries thank you.. He started I was kidding man I was just kidding who doesn't know 1Direction I'm good friends with that Zayn guy. He pretty cool . I said I lknow then waved and lefted.

Three hours later

I was on my way to pick up Nikki. I text her that I was on my way and she said okay. After about 10 minutes of driving . Got out and before I could even knock on the door Nikki was outside. I'm happy because she looks smoking was wearing a light blue dress bacon 20s and had rainbow glitter all over it looks hot and it was kind a like tight but if they turn the right places

I was staring at her ass but she said eyes up here Mr. then she just smacked her lips into to mine it felt so good I had sparks inside of me that when Brianna kiss me it didn't feel like that . She pulled away and asked can you pick up Alex before the party I said sure but we have to pick up the boys to so it might take us about 45 minutes before we get there. We picked up Alex and she asked why you with him I said because my mom only knows him for driving because my cars in the shop today and she needed someone to drive me I also said trust me I don't want to be in this car just as much as you don't. So we got the boys and they also ask the same question I just said the same thing I told Alex and they said okay. When we got to the party there was paparazzi everywhere The light killed my eyes and I kept squinting. Got in and ask for some tequila shots I have a 10 shots and I was wasted. I saw this hot boy and he looks like a boyfriend by the from 5 SOS Ashton BUT INSTEAD OF HIM OVER THERE HE WAS COMING STRAIGHT TOWARDS ME. He walked up to me and said hi I'm Ashton . I said I knew it really hoping he didn't hear me. He's said knew what I said I knew that you were Ashton from the band 5 SOS . He started smiling.ohhh those dimples I whispered he just kept smiling I couldn't resist so I....

(I left you of cliffhanger so let's see you no what's happening next)!!!!!!!!!!!

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