My Bully Is Now My Lover

This story is about a girl named Nicki Gracia a 12th grader who falls in love with her bully."HARRY STYLES"An they have a feelings for each other.




I WALK IN TO 2nd period and saw Nicki I love the way her eyes sparkle and she actually looked hot today he was wearing coral high waisted jeans coral crop top leather jacket and white flats. As I walked in to class I grab her but she flinched but when she notices me she smiled luckily no one noticed. Wish I never bullied her so that I could just have her nobody would even care. If I could just scream Nicki I love you but I can't .My reputation I don't want to ruin it even if I love her as much as I do . Class started today I sat next to Nicki. I passed her a note that said. Want to go to the club with me and the boys she shook her hand I told her i will pick her up at 9.

After skool I came home my mom wasn't home but I forgot that she said she had to go out and get a dress for her date tonight which I'm going to unfortunately

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