My Bully Is Now My Lover

This story is about a girl named Nicki Gracia a 12th grader who falls in love with her bully."HARRY STYLES"An they have a feelings for each other.



Hi my name is Nicki Garcia my BFF is Alex Rodriguez . We been though so much together though break up, Fights, Regection and so much more. An my boyfriend is Jason Davis i love him but not as much as this other boy named Harry. I love school a lot but one thing I hate about it is the "One Direction" yes one direction the british but all them are mean especially Harry ...... Harry Styles he is "My Bully" he bullies me all the time but what people don't know is that I accually love him and his demples.I walk into my class and I see Harry sitting there I thought I didn't have any classes with him because they rate are classes by your IQ score and his IQ is low really low.Then Mrs.Kelly walks in class room and everyone runs to there seats . Harry sits next to me for some reason and leaves his slutty girlfriend Brianna in the back she looked pissed. Than Harry said I know u like me I said ewwww never in your damn dreams Styles he said u do want this then put his hand in his pants I looked away. Mrs. Kelly was my math teacher last year so we have a connection .She said Nicki , Alex , and Harry come do theses problems on the board me and Alex did them but Harry was stuck so I helped him he smiled . But I know he was faking cause when we got outside he tripped me and I my head hit the floor then I blacked out . When I walk up I was in the Nurses office and I checked the time and I could see it was 5:30 pm and I had to have stayed after for 2 hrs . So I got out of the offices and went home. When I got there I got this creepy call saying how did u like getting tripped bitch it was a girls voice ammidieatly new it was Brianna i was pissed . The next day i came to class and ask her she did that and she said beacause im a slut the next thing i know i was punching her in the face then harrry and his friends liam , louis and zayn were pulling me off of her. We went to the principal and i was suppened for 3 day and brianna got no supension i wasnt suprise considering that is her dad.Hope u liked the first chapter. Comment and liked

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