My Bully Is Now My Lover

This story is about a girl named Nicki Gracia a 12th grader who falls in love with her bully."HARRY STYLES"An they have a feelings for each other.


9. Ashton

So I kissed him and it felt amazing better than Harry and that's a lot he slipped something in my pocket but I didn't care I just kept kissing.After about what felt like years he pulled away .i had a big smile on my face then someone came up behind him he said we got to go and I knew who was always Luke from 5SOS Ashton winked at me kissed my cheek and left and then I took the paper out it had his number on it. As I was about to take another shot they came behind me so we got to go for go they dropped off the boys and Alex then me I jumped out and said bye to Harry they both waved they were being nice . So that I blacked out I guess I went to sleep

Next day worst hangover ever

They got up I felt sick was I was I threw up everywhere after throwing up I went to my bed texting people first Alex I said how is your hangover then I remember that guy Ashton that give me his number I started -texting him.

Me good morning handsome

Him morning beautiful

Me u wanna hang out today

Him sure wanna go go kart racing

Me yea I always wanna to do that

Him ok see u at 4

No I got up and look at the time it was 2 o'clock I have two hours to get ready GREAT. So I could go my pink and purple Adidas suit by pink and purple sneakers and put my hair in a bun . And at little make up mascara and baby lip balm . Now it was 330 so I just made some breakfast and then I heard a knock on the door and it wasn't Ashton it was Ashton and Harry,,, Harry asked what are you doing today I said go go cart racing with Ashton.I said I'll be home by six we can hang out together he shook his head and left so that was awkward I said Ashton said yea so we were on our way to go kart track ..... After like 45 minutes of driving we went there it looks so cool I picked up my car was pink and purple no there not my my favorite color but it's just matched my outfit. After driving want to go get some lunch at Denny's me and Ashton talk about stuff and then he popped the question are you dating I said no because I wasn't and I wanted a real relationship which me and Harry can't have . Ask the same question he said no but I'm looking for one she might be right in front of me . Blushed my cheeks were so red he said you will cute when you blush. As we left it was 8 o'clock I was so mad because I forgot about Harry. He gonna be pissed as I got out the car Ashton pushed me against it his lips felt so good and so hard to resist I think I'm falling for him . Then I saw Harry he had tears I don't know why he was crying I know would never work.

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