Touring With My Brother

There's gonna be fights, love, sex, drugs, alcohol, makeups, fun times, sad times, hate.. but just sit back and enjoy the rollercoaster that is life x Bc YOLO nigga.


2. Chapter 2

Nicole POV:
I opened my eyes when someone was screaming. I fell asleep, too? I turned around and saw all 5 boys cuddled up together. I laughed, “What's wrong?!” Harry pointed, shaking, “S-s-spider!!!” I laughed, “You have got to be kidding me!” They all shook their head. I sighed, getting up and walking to the bathroom. I grabbed a piece of tissue, and put it on the wall, and smashed the spider. An echo of claps were followed. I laughed, “You guys are.. worse than little girls.” “GROUP HUG! YAY FOR MY BRAVE SISTER!!,” Louis said, running to hug me. Liam laughed, “Band sandwich!” Niall smiled, “Mmmmmm.. sandwich!” I laughed, pulling away from everybody, “Yeah, I'm kinda hungry.” Harry smiled, “Yup, mate. She's perfect for you.” Louis rolled his eyes. Niall blushed, “Okay, so let's go?” I looked around. I didn't even notice we had landed. I nodded, grabbing my carry on.
Once we were off the plane, a few fans showed up. Not that much, but a couple. “Hello, Florida!,” Niall shouted, smiling. Gosh, I love Summer. As the Florida heat bared down on our skin, I took a picture of the fans, & posted it on twitter.
@Nicole_Tomlinson: So glad to be on tour with @OneDirection (: #HelloFlorida x
I put my phone up and looked at the boys. They were signing autographs. I decided to sit on the bench and get on instagram. I heard footsteps, and I looked up, “Umm, hi?” A couple of little girls were smiling. The oldest was only about 12. The littlest one, who was around 5, smiled, “Are you Nicole?” I nodded, “Yeah. I'm his sister,” I said, pointing at Louis. She smiled, “Can I get your autograph?” I smiled, “Sure.” The other one said, “Can I get a picture with you?” I nodded, “Of course, babe!” I smiled, taking the picture of us, “Here you go, love.” She smiled, “Thank you.” There was another one who was around 10. She smiled, and looked over at Niall, “Are you two dating?” I looked over her shoulder, “Who? Niall? Naw, we're just friends.” She smiled, “Are you sure?” I nodded, “I'm completely sure. I don't even thinks he wants a girlfriend, to be honest with you.” She nodded, “Okay, well thank you!” I nodded, “No problem, girls! Are you guys coming to the show tomorrow?” They nodded. All except one. She shook her head, and looked down. I smiled, and grabbed her hands, “Yes, you are now.” She smiled, “Really?” I nodded, “Yup! Let's go ask the boys for a pass,” I said, getting up and picking her up. Louis laughed, “Nicole, we haven't been here 10 minutes, and you've already found a little kid to pick up?” The girl held onto me. I smiled, “So, these girls are going to the concert tomorrow, but this little girl didn't get a ticket!” His jaw dropped, “Now we can't have that, now can we?” The little girl shook her head, slightly. He smiled, “Here, love. I'll make a phone call and we'll see what we can do about getting you a ticket. That sound good?” She was about to start crying. She could only nod her head. I smiled.
After about 5 minutes of talking to the fans, we loaded in a van to take us to the hotel. “So,” Niall said, crunching on some popcorn, “who's going to be sharing a hotel room?” I looked at Liam. He was “Daddy Direction” so he should have all this planned out. He smiled, “Well, I was thinking.. Harry and Zayn, Louis and Nicole, and Niall and I would share.” I rolled my eyes, “Why do I have to share with him?” He looked up from his phone. His tone was rude, “Because you're my sister, and I don't trust any other boy with you.” I looked straight ahead, “I want to share a room with Harry.” Harry's face turned red, “Wait, what?” Niall laughed, “I trust me, better than I trust him with you.” I sighed, “Fine,” I turned to face Niall, “I'll share a room with you.” He smiled, giving me a high five, “Alright. That okay, Lou?” Louis ignored his comment, and continued playing candy crush on his phone. I rolled my eyes. Somebody's in a bad mood. “Okay, well... I think we all need Nicole's number, just in case something happens,” Liam said. I nodded, “Okay, here. Give me your phones.” Niall handed me his, then Harry, then Zayn, then Liam.
When we got to the hotel, nobody was there. We got out of the van, and went up to our rooms. We're all on the same floor. Niall & I are 223, Louis & Liam are 222, and Harry & Zayn are 221. I unlocked our door, and threw my bags on the bed. I flopped down, “Ahh.” Niall laughed, “Tired there, babe?” I yawned, “Yeah. Haha. Kinda.” He nodded, taking off his shoes, “You get used to the time difference after a couple of stops.” I laughed, “Good, haha.” He sat down on the bed beside mine, “So..what do you wanna do?” I shrugged my shoulders, looking over at him, “I dunno. What do you wanna do? I mean, we can't do anything like.. normal, can we? Because you guys are... you know.” He laughed, “We can. We just need to let our bodyguards know. They come with us places, but walk behind us a little.” I smiled, “Oh, cool. Then what do you want to do?” He thought, “Hmm.. wanna go swimming? After all, it is summer!” I nodded, “Yes! That would be fun!” He smiled, “Good! Go get changed, and we can go.” I nodded, getting up and walking to the bathroom with my bag in my arm.
I changed into my bikini, that exposed my tattoo. I ran my fingers over it, smiling a little. I walked out of the bathroom, and saw Niall shirtless. He smiled, “Wow.. you look nice.” I laughed, “You too!” He looked at me, “You have a tattoo?” I nodded, “Shh. Nobody knows.” He laughed, “Well, I think you better put a shirt on over that then. Here, you can wear mine,” he said, walking over to his bag and pulling out a shirt that said “FREE HUGS”. I smiled, putting it over my head, “Thanks, Nialler.” He smiled, “No problem.” I grabbed my sunglasses, and sunblock, and towel. He smiled, “Ready?” I nodded, “Totally.”
We walked to the lobby, and then outside to the pool. He smiled and jumped in, “SUMMER TIME!!!” I laughed and sat in the chair. He arose from the water, and shook his hair out of his face, “Come on in! It's fun!” I laughed, “Not right now.” He pouted, “Please?” I shook my head, “Nope.” He got out of the water, “Can I at least get a hug?” I stood up and gave him a hug, “There.” He picked me up, and jumped in the water with me. I came up out of the water. He smiled. I gave him a stare, “You did not just do that.” He smiled, “I just did that.” I pouted, folding my arms over my chest, “Meany.” He laughed, swimming over to me, “You know you love me.” I shook my head, “Not at all.” He gave me a hug and then kissed my forehead, “I'm sorry. Forgive me?” I smiled, and nodded, “Of course.”
After a while of swimming and tanning, I looked at my phone, “Okay, I'm gonna head back in.” He nodded, getting up, “Me too. Lego.”

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