Moriarty (Sherlock Fan-Fiction (Short Version))

When James Moriarty died he thought that Sherlock Holmes would soon be joining him in Hell. Too bad it didn't quite work out that way.
Sherlock was meant to die on the roof of Barts Hospital, but he managed to fake his death and successfully dismantle Moriarty's criminal network. His web of crime was over. But what Sherlock didn't know was that Moriarty had daughters. 6 incredibly smart daughters that could continue his legacy and rebuild what Sherlock had destroyed.
Look out Sherlock; Moriarty is back.
(I am aware that Moriarty has returned! Lets just pretend that he's dead for this :D )
(This version is for the competition and is much shorter)


5. Victoria

“So our first, ‘mission’ if you will, was a success?”

“Why did you call it a mission?”

“Lack of a better word.” I shrug. What do you call it? Is there a word? I don’t know. Charlotte struggles to find a word too.

“Anyway, it was. We got £10,000 out of it too.” My mouth quivers.

“£10,000? Are you joking?”

“No. We hardly got a fraction of Mr Mazur’s winnings, Vic. We hardly took anything from his pocket.”

“I should have done this ‘crime thing’ years ago.”

“Hold on Vic, you aren’t getting it all!” I give my fake smile to her. I’ve learned the social cues now so she believes it is truthful. It’s hard not having emotions, but it does give you room to concentrate on more important things. Anyway, from what I’ve heard emotions hold you back.

“So what’s next?”

“Well, we’ll have more clients but we’ll also need to rebuild the web our father designed. I got hold of all his contacts but most of the smaller groups have been dismantled. Miss Tebrosky was my only option when trying to get a buyer.”

“So we’ll have to deal with clients, while rebuilding our father’s web and generally surviving. Sounds simple enough.” I smile again.

“It is for us. We’re the Moriarty sisters. Of course we can do this!” I see genuine joy spread across her face for a brief second. Then we are interrupted.

“We have a Miss Tatham here, Charlotte! Can you get Rebecca to come please?” Comes Lizzie’s voice from the speaker. It used to be annoying, but now I find it scary.

“Moriarty is back.” I hear Charlotte whisper. Then she wakes up. “Send her in.” She says with a smile.


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