Moriarty (Sherlock Fan-Fiction (Short Version))

When James Moriarty died he thought that Sherlock Holmes would soon be joining him in Hell. Too bad it didn't quite work out that way.
Sherlock was meant to die on the roof of Barts Hospital, but he managed to fake his death and successfully dismantle Moriarty's criminal network. His web of crime was over. But what Sherlock didn't know was that Moriarty had daughters. 6 incredibly smart daughters that could continue his legacy and rebuild what Sherlock had destroyed.
Look out Sherlock; Moriarty is back.
(I am aware that Moriarty has returned! Lets just pretend that he's dead for this :D )
(This version is for the competition and is much shorter)


2. Charlotte

2 Years Later

“I have gathered you all here for a reason.” I said to my sisters with authority. They had grown a lot since I had last seen them. Since I’d only met them once at my fathers, our fathers, funeral 2 years ago I suspect I looked different to them too. I wished we had talked since. I hated them then but now I wished to get to know them better. I could see them shifting eagerly in their seats. They could see I had news. Of course they were all clever enough to work it out.

“I was given Dad’s phone today.” 2 faces said ‘I want it’. 2 faces said ‘So? Get on with it’. 1 face said ‘burn it’. “It had a message on that he was going to send to all of us, but was never sent.” I see the curious looks appear on their faces that were all very similar of me. I had forgotten how alike we really were. I sighed. What they were about to see would shock them. It certainly shocked me. I scanned over all of their faces and qualities before reading out the message. I was sure they would all come in handy.

 Hello you. I haven’t been that great of a dad, sorry. But, it was for your own good. You wouldn’t have wanted me around and I couldn’t have stayed put with you. So I’ll say it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I was never around. And now I’ll never be around. Please, just listen to me now, I’m sure you will, but I need you to do exactly as I say: do not ever speak of this message to anyone and delete it straight after reading. I trust you to do that. I’m going to tell you something very important.

My name is Jim Moriarty and I am your biological father. I’m sure you have heard my name in the news lately, since I almost stole the crown jewels. That is something I’m sure you’ll understand later. You see, I was the centre of the biggest criminal web to ever operate and now it is your turn to take over. You and your 5 sisters need to work together to keep it functioning. I’m sure you can do that.

I paused and watched the emotions spread over their faces. We were going to be criminals. They all looked as if they wanted to be criminals too. ‘That is good, they’re eager.’ I thought to myself.

“He gave us all a job assignment too.” I continued. They were taking the news well so I kept explaining. “I, Charlotte Taylor, will be the controller of it all. I have a very logical brain and I’ll keep everything running smoothly.” They rolled their eyes, expecting it. I walked to the first sister and kept going. “Victoria Simpson is the brains, to say it quickly.” She smiled. She was definitely smart; she was at Cambridge studying medicine. “Katherine Smith is in charge of break ins and recruiting off the streets.” She grew up in a bad part of London so this job was perfect for her. “Alexandra Tate will be our main source of gossip and information.” She seemed reluctant to join us unfortunately. At least Rebecca could sort that out for us. “and Rebecca Cooper will get information out of the unwilling.” Rebecca gave a sly smile as I walked to the last of us, dressed from top to toe in girly clothing. “And you, Elizabeth Cox, are the... assassin.” That can’t be right. This cutesy little girl, a murderer? All she did was sweetly smile before I carried on. Dad must have been right somehow. Maybe little Liz is not who she seems...

“So what are we going to do? To set up this ‘web’?” Rebecca asks. I smirk.

“Now this is where it gets interesting...” I say smiling. We are going to have some fun.

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