If this is love, then love is easy....not in Hazel's case. Hazel has never gone with the flow, she just an outsider, a stranger to some, a freak to others. Imagination is the only friend she has. A/N short story and short chapters


1. In my head

I'm not a freak, just different, out the box thinker you could say. Still don't understand? Let me put it this way. Put me in a box alone and I'm perfectly fine, happy and can think straight. Bring me into society and you don't want to know me. Its funny now I think about it, I'm only visible if people want something from me. And I'm fed up of this now, I don't want to be 'famously' known as Hazel the Loner. But its hard to change, things take time, people take time. Time is running out for me, I have that gut feeling. Do you know the worst thing about school? Even the teachers try to avoid me, put me at the back with all the snobs. They never let me answer the questions even if my hand in constantly in the air waving like a swing. Maybe its in my head, maybe this is all a dream and if I pinch my self i'll wake up and have a boyfriend and all. Ouch! Nope, didn't work, im still stuck in Geek Land population: me.


Little things like a snigger is really getting on my nerves now, cant go any were without the mocking behind me. Its like my life is on a constant loop, wake up, hide from snobs, class, break on my own, crying, class, lunch on my own, form, cry, class, run home. Is that it? Is that all my life is worth. If your looking for an answer don't ask me, like I said its funny how you notice me when you want something.

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