If this is love, then love is easy....not in Hazel's case. Hazel has never gone with the flow, she just an outsider, a stranger to some, a freak to others. Imagination is the only friend she has. A/N short story and short chapters


2. Imagination

Can you hear that? That sound, its coming from...Everywhere. Its the sound of my soul slowly melting. Dying. Can you feel that? Of course not. Your not depressed like me. You don't know how it feels . I can never be perfect. That hairstyle you called ugly on me. I spend my morning doing that. Just hoping someone would notice. But that wasn't the attention I was seeking for. I don't think I have any tears left. They've all hidden away on my pillow.

It doesn't matter what I think, what I say, no-one cares. Why should they? If I were invisible, just for a day. Maybe, just maybe, someone would care. That someone could say "Has anyone seen Hazel?" But no, that only exists in my imagination. I tend to lay at night, contemplation about how unfair this whole situation is. How unfair it is society choose me. They had to pick on that one girl. That girl with her nose buried in a book because she cares about her future.The one taking down notes because she's afraid the teacher is going to pick on her. But there's one thing she can't answer. People. The most populated species on earth and she can't get along with one. Now that my friend is unfair.

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