Love never dies

Augusta Williams is an ordinary girl, who normally prefers staying home reading than going to parties. What she doesn't know is that William Howell is going to change all that and pretty soon she will belong to the misfits.


1. First day

I hated school, and yet I was standing right in front of my worst nightmare, high school. Luckily I've survived my Freshmen year, so I was now starting as a sophomore. Suddenly I felt someone blowing on my shoulder, I turned around. "Hi, my lady" Louise said and bowed. "You are weird" I laughed and hugged her. Louise White had been my best friend since kindergarden and she was a little crazy, but I liked her. 

We walked into the school. "Why aren't there any like, hot guys here?" Louise asked and looked really concerned. "I don't know, but maybe you should focus a bit on school and not on guys.." I said grinning and she just sighed loudly, kissed my cheek and went to class. 

My first lesson was math. I walked into class and sat down. I was actually good at math, but I did not have any interest in it. I looked around in the class, everybody was listening carefully, except a boy in the back. He was drawing something. He looked good! His light brown hair was covering his eyes. Suddenly he looked up, his hazel brown eyes met mine. He smiled and looked down on his drawing again. He was absolutely gorgeous. I kept staring at him, how could one person be so beautiful? He looked up again and his smile was even bigger than the last time. I think he smiled because he knew, he knew I would fall in love. 

When the class ended I hurried out. And even though I tried to avoid him, I ended up bumping right into him.

"Oh, I'm sorry!" I said looking at the ground where all his things landed. I started collecting his books. "No no, please don't, I can handle it" He said smiling. I gave him his math book and a little drawing fell out. I picked it up and looked at it. "Oh.." he said. It was a drawing of me. "Waow, you're really good at drawing, but you know, you normally ask people before drawing them" I said laughing. He looked a little embarrassed into the ground "yeah I know, but if you got the chance to draw the most beautiful girl in the world, wouldn't you take it?" "I guess so" I answered and smiled. "Daniel Smith, by the way" "Augusta Williams. Can I call you Dan?" He smiled and said "well sure, if you want to. I have to go but it was a pleasure to meet you, Augusta Williams" He said and turned around. 

I stood for five minutes just thinking about what happened. He called me beautiful. He made a drawing of me. And he was perfect.


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