Molly's Love(A Sherlock FanFic)

Everyone knows Molly, the cute coroner in Sherlock. Its hard not to see the love she has for Sherlock(And who can blame her?) What if Molly can finally get Sherlock to love her in return? Can this high functioning Sociopath love Molly the way she wants him to love her, or will her tortured one sided love continue? And together, can they solve the murder of the year? Who killed Stephan Colt? The son of the Vice Prime Minister, and the likely candidate in the upcoming election to be the new Vice Prime Minister. Was it his twin? Or someone far more sinister?


2. Who Killed Stephan Colt?

Molly sat for what seemed like hours waiting for Sherlock or John to return. Molly finally decided to walk up to the interrogation rooms...she would find her answers to the burning questions in her mind. Inside the Observation Room she found Detective Inspector Lestrade, he was smiling. Looking at Sherlock with the utmost respect she had ever seen. Of course, Lestrade would never allow Sherlock to know he respected him, and Molly would respect Lestrade's odd sense of friendship with the man she loved.


"Evening Dr. Hooper."


"Evening. So, what has Sherlock uncovered?"


"Everything but the murderer. Colt had been receiving some threatening 'fan' mail recently. The last one had Colt running for the hills. That's why he was found on Baker Street instead of his lavish home in the multi-million pound townhouse his parent's had given him for his birthday."


"So you're a fan of the Colt's? 


"I wouldn't say fan, but yes I did follow them extensively because I used to work a security detail for Stephan Colt Senior. I had to know everything about them."


"So you know if they had enemies?"


"Of course they had enemies. They're a family of politicians." Lestrade said with enough humor to make the Queen of Ice smile. Lestrade turned up the volume on the Interrogation room. Sherlock's familiar cold voice engulfed them. Molly felt safe, yet terrified. She knew what Sherlock was capable of when the lives of those he 'loved' were in danger. She also knew what he was like when a case took longer than he thought necessary to solve. 


"Tell me, Mr Colt, when did your brother receive the last fan letter?"


"The second of November. He disappeared a day later. He didn't tell me where he was going."


"He was found on Baker Street, twelve buildings from my flat. Now tell me, who sent the damn letters!"


"I don't know!"


"You were in charge of the mail, you had access to the envelopes, you could've sent them for all I know; which is a lot mind you."


"Who are you?"


"Sherlock Holmes, a free lance Inspector Detective, now answer my questions."


"Sherlock Holmes? But you're dead! You killed that Moriarty guy."


"No, he killed himself. Now, who sent the letters?"


"There was no return address. But there was initials at the end of the letters. J. M I think it was."


"As in Jim Moriarty?"


"Who knows? It could be John Murphy for all I know."


"Who's John Murphy?"


"Stephan's boyfriend. Or was, they broke it off a few weeks ago when Stephan learned he'd be running in the election."


"Stephan Colt was homosexual, and you didn't tell us? Not to mention the fact that the boyfriend in question had his heart broken, and has the initials J.M?"


"I'm could also be Stephan's wife, Judy Michelson she never changed her last name, paparazzi and such."


"Keven, do you want to find your brother's murderer or not?"


"Of course I do!"


"Then please, tell me what you know!" Sherlock yelled, slamming the table with his clenched fist. Molly looked at Lestrade, and found him smiling in satisfaction.


"I don't know where he disappeared to, but I like the new Sherlock. He's much faster at solving these crimes."


"Don't you think he's ruffled Keven's feathers enough?" John said from the corner in front the television screen, that showed a close up of Keven's face. "He isn't laying in fact he know's nothing more about his brother besides his brother's affiliations with the opposite sex. I don't think he knows who is the true murderer. Its definitely not him."


"Sherlock, let him go. Tell him to stay in the area and country."


Sherlock looked towards the mirror and cracked a smile. "Alright Mr. Colt, you may go, but be prepared to be forcefully brought back here for questioning, so don't leave the country." Keven Colt ran from the room and Sherlock entered the Observation room. "Hello Molly."


"Hello Sherlock, what a show."


"I thought so."


"So, who killed Stephan Colt? The wife, or the boyfriend?"


"I'm not sure as of yet. Now, no betting on whom the murderer is or when I will solve the case. One, gambling is illegal, and two, its annoying and extremely stressful to know you have money on the outcome of my deduction skills." Sherlock kissed Molly on the cheek before leaving. "Come on John, we have a murder to solve!"


"But, I have tea with- never mind. She'll understand."

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