Fallen: A Letter to a Friend

A letter to a friend that I'm not sure is even my friend anymore.


1. Fallen

Hey. I ain't gonna embarrass you by giving away your name. I'm just gonna rely on you reading this and figuring out that it's you I'm writing to. I think you unfanned me anyway, so I guess you might not read it.

What happened? Last I heard from you, I was trying to help you. You were... kinda lost in what was going on, I think. Threatening to leave the Appleshine family or something like that.

You were the first friend I made on Movellas. Do you have any idea how many depressions you've saved me from? I've stood up for you when you needed it and you've stuck up for me when I needed it.

You were the first eSister I had.

And now... now you won't talk to me. You won't respond to anything.

Do you even want to be friends anymore?

If you don't, then fine. I understand that I'm not the most likable person in the world. But is it really necessary to give me the cold shoulder? Can't you just tell me you don't want to talk to me anymore? Sure, it would hurt, but it'd be better than being ignored.

You're my sister. What happened?

You deleted both the Movellas I coauthored with you. Which were memorials to our eMother!!! If it was just me then you could've easily just unauthored me! Now we can't go back and read about how it felt in the aftermath.

Please! Just answer me!

I love you!

I don't want you to leave me like this, little sister!!!


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