Stop The Tape and Rewind (Harry Styles FanFiction)

Hazel Grace and Harry Styles were best friends when they both signed up for the X-Factor. But when Hazel gets voted out and Harry's stays in his new boy band One Direction she doesn't see him for another year she's extremely nervous about seeing him again when she hears that the band are going to stay at Harry's dad's house for a few months. Will her once strong feelings remain strong or will they have disappeared when she lost all contact with him?


1. chapter one

Harry was my bestfriend in the X Factor. We met at the auditions and when we found out we both got through we went out for a celebratory drink with a few other people that got through as well. It felt great knowing that my life was finally about to change by being a contestant on the X Factor and my mum was so thrilled when she heard. Unfortunately she couldn't be there with me because she was in the hospital.

My X Factor journey soon ended though, at judges houses, and I was in floods if tears when I found out Harry was staying. Of course I was happy for him but I knew that I'd never see him again because the judges had decided to put him and four other lads in to a group; and he wouldn't need me now that he has four other best mates.

I continued to watch Harry and the others, who's names I learnt were Liam, Louis, Niall and Zayn, improve each week and I would watch there silly little, as they called, video diaries online and it always brought me to tears seeing him laugh and mess around with those boys because that's what it was like when it was me and him and the boys weren't in the picture. But I suppose we had to part sometime. I mean, this isn't a movie; this is reality, something everyone hates but it continues to torture us anyway.

When the boys, also known as One Direction, got voted out I was devastated for them. Even though I never actually met all of them I'd really grown to like them and they really were amazing singers. But coming in third and having Simon Cowell as a mentor must mean they're going to get somewhere.. Right?

And I was right. A year later they have an album out that's number one pretty much everywhere and wherever you look all you see is One Direction. Pictures, posters, magazines, you name it . Their first album was amazing but there's one song in particular that I love more than the others and that's Gotta Be You.

Anyway. The lads have a few months off and they're all coming down to Holmes Chapel to stay at Harry's dad's place. You see, some people tend to call me a 'Directioner' which is what their fan base is called, but in reality I just follow the lads on twitter, Harry's follows me back as well, and I like to keep on track of what Harry's doing in case there is a day that he decides to come home, which is what's happening now. And yeah, I live in Harry's home town, but we didn't know that till we started talking at the auditions, but it's pretty cool that he's coming home because it means I get to finally see Harry again after the X Factor and the busy year he's had; I'll also get to meet the other boys for the first time too, hopefully.

I used to have this little crush on Harry back then which I guess is pretty weird conflated ring we only knew each other for a few days and I guess I never really got over it; and seeing him again is freaking me out. I'm so nervous. I mean, what I'd I still like him and he doesn't feel the same back? God, I would just die if that were to happen.

I'm just.. Ugh I'm so nervous!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

So, first chapter if my new book. This is also my first time on this website/app, whatever, and I must say it's pretty cool. Also if any of you have wattpad please check some of my books out, there's some One Direction ones on there too.

LostInMyImagination_ <- wattpad name

But anyway, I hope you like this book. Also, follow me please?? I follow back❤️

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