Tortured and Tormented

I once knew a girl plagued by hatred and abuse. This is her story.


2. Poison

So you've heard about how it started but that is nothing compared to what's coming.

Their words were like poison, seeping deeper and deeper into this girl's soul, hurting her more and more every time they replayed in her head. 

The physical, mental and emotional abuse continued for years to come. Her worst year was when she was 13, she had been through a tough time with her family and the torturous words from these people only heightened her self hatred. This girl so young could not look in a mirror without seeing all the wrong in herself. She saw her nose was too big, her eyes too small, her lips with a funny curve and her face pale and chubby. This girl hated mirrors. 

These people made fun of her for her imperfections, they made fun of her because she wasn't perfectly thin and tanned like everyone else. They made fun of her for everything she said and did. 

That year all her "friends" saw she was getting affected by their words, but instead of helping her they distanced her and set her apart from them. You see, all they wanted to do was fit in and so by removing this girl from their lives and teasing her like the others they climbed the social ladder. This girl stopped eating after being called fat, she marked her own skin, this girl took each word that came out of their viscous mouths to heart. This girl who everyone assumed was doing okay was broken inside, there was not a part of her that she loved. Each day more and more abuse was thrown upon her and it was starting to take its toll on this young girl.

At this point she thought suicide was the only option.

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