Tortured and Tormented

I once knew a girl plagued by hatred and abuse. This is her story.


6. Lost Belonging

You know that feeling if being lost somewhere? Of being disorientated?

That is what life was like for this girl. A feeling of a lost belonging in the harsh reality that is life. She read books to distract her from it but in the end her mind only wandered back to how distorted and broken she actually was.

This girl was lost, in herself, in her life, in everything she did. She was lost. How can you help someone who is lost find their way?

Dear reader, never put your happiness in someone else's hands. They will drop it. They will drop it every time. If only this girl knew not to do that but instead of relying on other people to help her she relied on herself to help. That is a dangerous task, you may trust yourself more than anything but in the end if you break then you will crash and burn.

She was a simple representation of the idea of a lost belonging, an empty body, a walking being with no soul. Destroyed. Broken. Nothing left. Just an empty shell of a person, physically alive but mentally destroyed. 

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