Tortured and Tormented

I once knew a girl plagued by hatred and abuse. This is her story.


5. Life's Ultimate Decision

Her mind was set in place, her heart set in stone. She knew that her purpose in life wasn't to have one and to simply fade away without anyone's help. 

For hours she sat in her room trying to work up the courage to step on that chair, or to bring the cool metal to her throat. Each time she tried however her mind kept wandering back to that note, her only hope to keep breathing. Her only hope not to end it all.

But why? Why was this simple piece of paper the only thing that kept her heart from stopping and her mind from freezing?

In the end she settled for what she knew she could handle, she sat with her back to the wall and danced the blade across her wrists, each scar re-opening and re-painting the infamous picture placed upon her body.

With the little courage this girl was able to find she found a way to persevere, to keep attending school and pretending nothing was wrong. After all in this world that's what we have to do. Acting is life's greatest skill is it not?

Each day however this girl sat in the bathroom in the end stall, painting the busy canvas of her wrist through silent tears. Sometimes her eyes ran out of tears to cry so her wrists cried blood instead.

This girls life was a spiral of hatred and abuse, no one could see it through her mind. No one could see the suffering in her own body. No one cared. People saw she barely coped but in this world people choose to ignore rather than to step away from what they know. They only care when they're gone.

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