Tortured and Tormented

I once knew a girl plagued by hatred and abuse. This is her story.


3. Broken

She thought it was the only option, she thought that ending her life would end the torture brought with it. But each time she tried she couldn't bring herself to do it, there was always something that stopped her, held her from ending it. The times she felt weak and insecure she used music as an escape. She played piano and guitar and wrote songs singing about anything that would come to mind, the piles of music sheets grew each and everyday. Music was her only way of getting through it. But even thought it helped this girl there was still no escaping the torture and abuse, not just from her peers but what she bought on herself. 

One night she looked down at her wrist and saw the pale ugly marks that plagued her each and every day, they showed her that she was weak and easy to break. They showed her self hatred and everything it brought upon her. 

School was hard for this girl, she was smart and could easily pass but her mind was filled with thought of abuse from other students making it hard for her to concentrate on anything. Her grades suffered dramatically, this girl almost failed but just passed due to her high grading in Art and Music. The teachers saw her problems but made no attempt to stop it either as they knew after a few months they would never have to deal with her again. 

This girl thought about what her life would be later on but she couldn't see a future, she was forever stuck in a pit of torture never being able to escape.

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