I Won't Give Up <3 **ON HOLD**

Niall and Esme have been together since 2009. Their undying love for eachother makes Niall want to move it to the next step. Esme is always so busy that he never gets the chance to ask his very important question ...


2. 2. Make A Wish

Esme's POV

I loved him, I still do! I want to be by his side forever and ever! I want this wedding to be perfect! I want to walk down that isle and I want everybody to gaze at my gorgeous white dress! I want people to say, 'your wedding will be great! But nobody can beat Niall and Esme's wedding!' But the thing I want most, is Niall's last name <3

I ran over to Eleanor's house, banged on the door and Louis opened it.

"Is your girlfriend here?!"

I babbled,

"No but you can tell meee!" Louis grinned, "Wait, your not pregnant are you?"

"No you silly boy! I'm engaged!"

I screamed.

Oh whoops...

I held up my left hand and showed him the beautiful turquoise ring.

"Make a wish! It's a shooting star on your ring!"

Louis squeaked

"I don't need to make a wish, I already have everything I want, Niall."

I said


Sorry it's a short chapter but I want the next thing to be separate.

Isn't that cute though <3 I like this book so far so I will defo keep writing hehe 💙

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