I Won't Give Up <3 **ON HOLD**

Niall and Esme have been together since 2009. Their undying love for eachother makes Niall want to move it to the next step. Esme is always so busy that he never gets the chance to ask his very important question ...


1. 1. I love you

Niall's POV

I have been working extra hard at work for the money, 10 hour shifts at the shop! Surely I have enough now...

I jumped over the counter and ran to Esme and my flat. I crept in and then realised Esme wasn't there, probably at Dani's house. She has been helping her get over Liam, she wants him back.

I grabbed the money and went to 'Rings&Watches.' what's her favourite colour? turquoise! I found a silver pair of rings with a wired heart and a blue gem inside. it was perfect. All the money was worth it, the pair of rings were £10,000 but I had enough, my life savings were worth Esme, I want to give her the life she has dreamed of since she was a little girl. I want to make her my princess.

Esme's POV

Niall wasn't home yet, why was he always working so late? Maybe he was having second thoughts on our relationship? Oh but I love him dearly! I couldn't live with out Niall!

I fell to my knees on the living room floor, bursting into tears. Then the door opened. It was him.

Niall's POV

I saw her on the floor, crying so hard. I didn't know what was going on!

"babe what's up?"

I asked,

"you know what is up Niall! I know why you have been working late! Trying to get away from me? Is there somebody else? I get the message Niall!"

I sat there in surprise.

"baby, there is nothing wrong with you! You are perfect and I love you Esme! I have been working late so I could do this..."

I clenched the box in my hand. Her surprised face urged me to do it. I took her hand and stood her up, then got down on one knee and opened the small, black box.

"Esme Carter," I opened it, "Will you do me the honour of being my wife?"

I waited for a reaction.

"Yes...yes...YES YES YES YES!!" she squealed and hugged me. I stared into her gorgeous green eyes and kissed her slowly and passionately.

"I love you" I whispered through the kiss.

"I love you too." she breathed

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