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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 5 Apr 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


1. Prologue

I wiped away my sweat as it trickled down my neck. Man, that was exhausting! I told to myself as I packed the last of it. The room that used to be filled with Posters, pictures, and different kind of stuff now looks abandoned. 
Today is my last Day in London, and I'll be leaving soon to California. I heard my Door from below burst open and someone quickly ran up. I knew who that was... My door flew open and my guess was right! "Hey Ashley-poo!" My Best Friend named Louis said. 
He and my Parents were so close that going here was completely ordinary to them. "Hey Lou!" I smiled, quite sadly and hugged him. He hugged me tighter as I pulled away. I giggled as we let go. 
"I've got you something." He said excitedly and brought out a Teddy Bear holding a heart which says 'Best Friends Forever' on it. 
"That's a Gift for you to know that you're my Best Friend no matter what." He explained. He brought out another stuffed toy which looks like a big carrot with a face. "And here's to let you remember me." He added and gave me a cheeky smile. I laughed as I held the stuffed toys. Teddy Bears are my favorite, so I loved it! 
"Thanks so much Lou! And you know I'll never forget you." I said as I brought him for a hug. "Just in Case..." He chuckled. 
I looked down as he looked at me."Why the Long Face?" He asked as he lifted my chin up to look at him. I gave him a weary smile. "It's just that I'll Miss You" I said. He kissed my forehead, trying his best to Comfort Him. "Don't worry, don't be sad. I'll miss you too." He said, hugging me real tight. 
"I'll never forget you Lou, you're the best guy I've ever met!" I said, grinning. "You're the Best Girl I've ever met too." He said, smiling. 
We let go, and he helped me load our things in the Car. 

When we were ready to Leave, Louis walked towards me. "Do you really have to go?" He asked sadly. I held his cheek. "I'll go back to London soon, don't worry." I told him reassuringly.
I wasn't sure when I was going back, but I was sure that I'll go back to London. I just know it. 
"Promise?" He said, raising his Pinky Finger. I wrapped my Pinky Finger with his, "Promise!" I exclaimed with a smile. He grinned at me and we hugged one last time, tighter than ever, like a bear Hug and he even lifted me up. I laughed as he put me down. 
I finally walked and went into my Car to go to the Airport, bidding one last good-bye to Louis. "Bye Ashley, take care!" Louis screamed. 
As I got in, I finally let my tears stream down my face.. I'll Miss Him. I checked the last picture we took of ourselves displayed in the Lock Screen.
I'll go back soon. I promise.


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