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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


32. Chapter 30 -All About Us-

-Ashley's P.O.V- 

A week after my Father passed away, we finally set up his Funeral. The Sight of My Father dying was still stuck on my Mind, The Memory of it playing in my head over and over again. Especially his last wordsAshley, I want you to grow up to be a strong woman, someone who is confident and can do things on her own. Never forget that. A tear fell from my eye as I start to recall what he said. 
I laid on my Bed, staring up at the ceiling. My Mother returned back home to America, to continue to work after the Burial of My Father. I asked Louis to stay with the boys first, cause it would be no use to stay with me since I would only talk to him once in a while. But he refused and would try to make a conversation, even if I was upset. 
I closed my eyes, resting them. I heard Louis step into the room. "Ashley, you can't stay like this forever you know." He spoke out as he approached me. My eyes remained close but I answered back. 
"I know Lou. It's just hard to accept you know?" 
"But, it's over Ashley. You have completely forgave him, right? I believe he's happy now, happy that you've finally removed the grudge you held against him and gladly moved on. Now, he wants you to be happy, that's one thing he wished for before he's gone. That he also wanted you to be happy." He explained to me, making me finally open my eyes to look at him. Louis looked upset, and he felt really bad for me. I sat up and thought of what he said. 
"How can I be happy in this situation?" I asked looking at with my eyebrow raised. Louis held his chin, trying to get an idea. 
"Try to think over what your Father was trying to tell you." He spoke again and I looked down, thinking of what Louis told me. "Forgive someone today?" I thought aloud and he nodded his head. 
I looked at My Phone and looked back at Louis. "You won't be mad about it?" I asked Louis and he shook his head. "It really depends on you if you wanna forgive him or not. Of course it'll bother me and I'm still mad at him, but it just depends on you if want to or not." Louis explained and I reluctantly grabbed my phone. 
Without any hesitation, I made a phone call for someone. 

Ding Dong! I heard the Doorbell ring and I walked downstairs to answer it. When I swung my door open, I saw Christopher standing there anxiously. 
"You came?" I asked him with a surprised look. He shrugged. "You called me to." He replied back and I bit my lower lip, making a hand gesture to let him in. 
Christopher nervously sat down on the couch in an awkward manner. It was quiet at first. Silence filled the air and I honestly forgot the reason why I invited him in here. "W-Why'd you invite me here?" Christopher asked hesitantly and I directed my eyes at him. "Uh... I uh..." I uttered out, preparing myself to say it. 
"I... I wanna apologize for being a jerk and not wanting to accept your apology." I blurted out finally. He flinched and looked down. "No need to apologize. It's alright. I understand, I've been an ass for not treating you right." He said and I nodded. "Sorry about your Father by the way." He added. 
I wondered why he knew about it, I never mentioned it to him. "No need to be sorry about that either." I just stated and once again, Silence filled the atmosphere. I didn't know what else to say, is it over or what? Should I tell him something or is this the part where I should hug him? 
"You see, my father told me something before he passed away." I broke the silence, thinking thoroughly on how to say this properly. "He told me that I should be able to forgive someone in the end, no matter how big or how small his mistake is. Because, he knows that I'll regret it in the end. So, I chose to forgive you, if you're wondering why." I explained and he looked at me, a small smile visible in his features. 
"T-Thanks Ashley." He stuttered out and I returned him the smile. "I think I should go now, right?" He asked and I nodded. 
He stood up, straightened his shirt and strode his way to the door. We gave each other hug first before he left. 
I felt relieved that I don't have problems for now, but I'm not exactly happy yet.
"So, feeling alright yet?" Louis asked as he entered the room and I turned to him, but not exactly looking at him in the eye. "Not really." I answered back and he heaved out a sigh. 
"What do you wanna do now?" He asked me and I shrugged. "Mourn about My Father's death?" I jokingly said, but I didn't feel like it was a real joke. 
He looked at me, a smirk on his face. "What?" I asked confusingly and he grabbed my arm. 
"All you need is a little excitement!" He told me and I raised my eyebrow. "Tonight, we'll be going somewhere." He said. "Where?" I asked and he just gave me another twisted smile. 
"You'll see." He replied and ran upstairs.
What's Louis up to again?

"Louis, where are we going?" I asked Louis has he started driving under the starry night sky. "You'll know when we get there." Louis answered as I slouched on my seat. 

-Louis' P.O.V- 

I thought of what to do tonight, focusing on the road. 
I knew Ashley, not being able to move on easily after a really bad situation unless there's something that'll make her feel really happy. 
"Loouuuiiis!" I heard Ashley groan from beside me and I answer with a "Hmm?" 
"Where are we going?" She asked once more, wanting me to answer properly. "Love, patience is required." I answered again, placing my hand on top of hers. "But, it's already dark out," She said, pausing to look out the window. "What could we possibly do?" 
I didn't answer her but instead, I hit the brake and we've made a full stop. "We've reached our Destination." I announced with a posh voice. 
She stepped out of the car, and gazed at the sight. She mumbled out something too vague for me to understand and I cleared my throat. "Pardon?" 
"An Amusement Park?" She repeated what she said, louder than before. I gave her a nod and placed my arm around her. "Yeah." I confirmed what she said and she looked at me, her eyes narrowed. "Basically, it's closed." She told me and I nodded again. "How are we gonna get in?" She asked me, as if I was crazy. 
"Isn't it obvious?" I said, giving her a smirk. "We'll break in." 
Her frown slowly turned into a smile. A sneaky, rebellious smile. "You're such a sneaky little rebel Tomlinson." She stated amusingly and I returned her smile. "Just like the old times?" I mentioned and she grinned at the thought. 
Her grin sent chills down my spine. I kept gazing at how beautiful she was, her beauty was captivating and mesmeric.
I guess I was staring at her for a long time because she snapped her fingers at me. "Why were you staring?" I asked and I shook my head, still in a daze. "Because of your Beauty." I told her, my voice deepening. 
She gave me a really gorgeous smile, a shade of red visible on her cheek, and said "Enough flirting Lou, it's time to go and bust in this thing!" She exclaimed and tried to get in the locked entrance.
She checked the lock and looked up at how high the gates were. Without any warning, she tried climbing it and I assisted her in that by lifting her waists up. 
After surprisingly succeeding in climbing the gate and getting inside the Amusement Park, we looked around first. No Security Guard was found, which was surprising. "I guess we're lucky that no one bothered to watch out for intruder." Ashley told me in a low voice and I nodded. 
"Now, what are we gonna do here?" She asked me and I raised my eyebrows. "Well," I paused, looking around. "we could go play in the Booths and gain prizes, if that's what you want." I winked at her and she formed a smile. "You betcha!" 

So, we've spent our time going to booths, getting prizes-when we actually deserved them-and riding on rides that we managed to ride on, except for the Roller coaster, which we knew was a bad idea. 
We got Ice Cream from one of the booth and she hungrily started eating it. While she was busy, munching on her Ice Cream, I stared at her cute face. 
"Wipe your mouth, it's filled with Ice Cream." I told her and she got her handkerchief from her pocket and quickly wiped it. "Is it gone?" She asked, showing me her face. "No." I told her and she asked, "Where?". 
I looked at my Ice Cream and at her nose, and without any forewarning, I poked her nose with My Ice Cream, and the tip of her nose was filled with my Ice Cream. "There." I pointed at her nose with a cheeky smile and proceeded to eating my Ice Cream. 
She playfully rolled her eyes at me but before proceeding to munching her Ice Cream, she said "Uh Lou, you have some Ice Cream on your face too.", an evil glint shown on her eyes. "Where?" I asked and she too poked my nose with her Ice Cream and burst out in Laughter. I rolled my eyes at her. "Very funny Ashley. Now we're fair." I sarcastically said and she was holding her stomach, trying to catch her breath. "You're so cute!" She choked out and I looked at her, a smile appearing on my Face. "Not as cute as you are." 
She looked at me again, a twinkle on her eyes. "Now, finish your Ice Cream, there's one more place we haven't gone to." I told her and she tilted her head in confusion. "Where?" She asked me. 
I looked up, staring at the one last ride we haven't gone to, the Ferris Wheel. 

I pulled Ashley towards the Ferris Wheel and I saw how her legs trembled. "Why are you afraid?" I asked her and she just shook her head. "Nothing." 
I noticed the tone in her voice, which made me chuckle. "Are you afraid?" I asked her and she tilted her head. "Of what?"
She bit her bottom lip, which made me surprise. "Ashley, there's nothing to be afraid of." I assured her and she nodded. "I knew that." She answered. "I swear that I won't let you fall." I told her and she looked at me, confusion in her face. 
"Lou, no one falls when someone is in a Ferris Wheel, right? Then why are you telling me that you won't make me fall?" She said and I looked at the ladder, leading to the center of the Ferris Wheel. 
"We're not going to ride the Ferris Wheel. We're gonna climb it." I told her as I showed her the ladder attached to the Ferris Wheel. 
Her eyes widened, making me know that she is certain that I was crazy. "Lou, are you mad? I can't do that! We could badly injure ourselves!" She told me and I just gave her a smile. "Ashley, we'll just get a good view. I promise that you won't fall and you'll not regret it." I told her, stretching out my hand towards her and she creased her eyebrows.
"Are you sure Lou?" She asked, hesitating to grab my hand. I gave her a nod. "Positive." I said and she grabbed my hand. 
I prompted her to climb up first, just in case she might fall and I'll be able to catch her. 

-Ashley's P.O.V- 

Louis is nuts! I thought to myself, not understanding the reason why Louis chose to climb a Ferris Wheel where I'm sure we'll die in. 
When I stepped on the first step of the Ladder, I had a gut feeling that I should push through, but I didn't feel like trusting my guts. Louis followed after, only a few steps away. 
I started climbing my way up. At some point, I glance back down, checking how high I've made and it just decreased my self-esteem. At one point, I gave up. "Louis, I'm scared." I called out to him and I heard him yell back. "Ashley, no need to be afraid. I'm here to catch you in case you fall and you can trust me in this that you won't get hurt." He explained to me with a soothing voice that calms me down. 
"Ashley, you can do this. Just don't look down, that's the trick." He told me and I gulped and took his advice. 
I managed to reach the very center of the Ferris Wheel. I saw the sight right in front of me, which made my jaw drop. 
The view was amazing. I could see everything from up here! Mountains from a distance, the whole landscape of London! It was magnificent, gave me a really good feeling. 
The breeze was cool up here, making me feel happy. Louis was finally right beside me after I finished admiring the view. His warm hands holding my shoulder. "Like the view?" He asked me but I didn't answer, I just simply nodded. 
I was too mesmerized by the view from here. It was remarkable! "Told you you wouldn't regret it." He remarked and I looked at him, a huge smile on my face.
"You're right... This is simply amazing." I told him as he placed his arm around my waist. "I know." He said and I turned to him. "You're the most amazing boyfriend ever." I told him and he smiled at me. "You're the most perfect girlfriend in the whole wide world." He told me and I gave him a small smile. 
"There's no such thing as perfect." I noted to him and he chuckled. "But you're perfect for me." He said, bopping my nose with his finger. I let out a giggle. 
I looked down, searching for guards. 
"Lou, what if we get caught?" I asked, turning to Louis and he shook his head. "Then we'll run." He told me and I raised an eyebrow. "You wouldn't care?" 
"Babe," Louis lovingly held my chin. "I wouldn't care if we'd get caught cause nothing else matters, only you and I matter. It's us against the World." "Why is that?" I asked once more. 
"It's All About Us, Ashley. Nothing else. It's all about us." He told me and gave me a savoring kiss on the lips, the both of us happily shared. 

I thought of what Louis said, and he was right. Nothing else matters. It's all about us. 

-The End-

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