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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


30. Chapter 28 -Double Date-

-Ashley's P.O.V- 

I laid down on my Bed, teary-eyed, wishing that Louis wouldn't noticed that I cried and didn't hear the commotion from downstairs. I kept receiving Text Messages from Christopher, but I chose to ignore it. His text Messages don't matter anyway, right?
I closed my eyes, lulling myself to sleep. I was finally getting relaxed until I heard the click on My Bathroom Door. I saw Louis stepped out, a Towel only visible in the Bottom Part of his Body. 
Water was dripping down his hot body, from his neckline down to his stomach. He looked at me with a smile. 
I tried to look away, his body was tempting me to blush. Not only did I look away because I was blushing, but also because I didn't want him to notice that I was crying. "Ashley?" He called out and I just pressed my head to the Pillow right beside me. "Go change." My muffled voice said and I heard him chuckle. 
"Okay Ashley, you can now look." I heard Louis call out from beside me and I looked up at him. His hair was still dripping wet but at least he was fully clothed. He sat behind me and started stroking my hair. "You okay?" He asked with a soft voice and I buried my head in my Pillow again. 
"I'm fine." I stated blankly with a muffled voice. "No you're not." He responded and I shook my head. "What happened?" He asked and I looked up, and just stared at the wall. 
Well, why would it be a problem if I told Louis all about what happened a while ago? "Well, Christopher arrived a while ago-" 
"The bastard went in our house without me knowing a while ago?" Louis cut me off, his hands getting tensed and I frankly nodded. "Let me finish. Then, he explained to me how jealous he is about you and me. So, he got the idea of taking all he feels on another girl but got too carried away. He just went here to apologize and tried to propose to me, which I rejected. But, I unknowingly cried... Since, I haven't gotten over it." I explained with a frown, still staring at the wall and Louis just kissed my forehead. 
"Ashley, it's alright. You'll get over it one day. Just remember that you don't deserve Christopher and Christopher doesn't deserve you. Got that?" He told me and I nodded. "Now, I've got something to tell you! But first, look at me." He demanded and I turned over to look at him. "So, uh, listen closely. Since Niall and Lavender are officially going out, he thought of setting up a date with Lavender today and he asked me if you and I wanted to come along." He explained to me with a smile and My eyes enlightened. "Like a Double Date?" I asked and he nodded his head, which made me form a huge grin on my Face. "That would be a terrific Idea!! What time?" I screamed out, jumping out from the bed. He smiled at me and looked at his Watch. "Probably at around 2 o'clock." 
"WELL WE BETTER LEAVE NOW!!" I announced out loud and ran to get a change of clothes. 

As I walked downstairs, Louis just sat down on the couch playing with his Phone. I walked up to him and he looked up at me. "Let's go?" I asked, placing strands of hair behind my ear. I chose to wear My Sky Blue Converse, a blue oversize shirt and a pair of Shorts that fit perfectly with my Outfit. I caught Louis staring at me as I waited for his response. I cleared my throat and he quickly stood up. 
"Uh... Y-Yeah. L-Let's go." He stammered out and got his Car Keys. I ran out of the house and locked my Front Door. Louis was already in the Driver's Seat, patiently waiting for me. 
I walked inside the car and sat in the Passenger's Seat and finally checked my Phone. 
'Christopher sent 21 Text Messages.' was displayed on my phone and I rolled my eyes. I checked all the messages, most of it said he was sorry and he needed me back. For all I care, I know he doesn't need me and if he does, he wouldn't have cheated on me in such way. I groaned as I read them all and typed a Message for Lavender. 

See you later Lav! :) -Ashley :) xx 

I felt contented with the Message and quickly received a message from Lavender. 

See You too Girl!! ;) - Lavender :) xx 

Then, after a while of waiting in my Seat, we finally arrived to a small Cafe which looked perfect for hanging out. I looked at Louis, who was focused on parking the Car. Then, after he parked it perfectly, I fixed my Shirt and My Bag, and got out of the car. 
I breathed in the Cool Breeze from outside and looked up at the Sun. Well, it's a sunny but cool day today, which was quite odd. As soon as I went inside the Cafe, I caught a glimpse of Lavender's long Brown Hair and Niall. They were seated in the Corner of the Cafe. 
"Ashley!!" Lavender called out as she saw me and got up from her seat. She walked up to me and gave me a hug. "Where's Louis?" She asked me and I turned around, noticing Louis was gone. "Probably stayed to get something from the Car." I concluded and sat down on their table. 
The Cafe smelled good and was warm. It was so tranquil and peaceful. As I was busy observing the Cafe, Niall took a sip from his Coffee. "Now that you guys are finally here, I think it's time for us to talk about what we will be doing today." He stated with a Cheerful Tone. "I suggest we stay here for a while and get some Ice Cream or something." I heard Louis' voice from beside me. 
"Hey Lou, take a sit." He pulled out the chair beside me and sat on it. "Nah, let's go somewhere fun!" Lavender suggested. "Let's say the Movie Theater or the Beach, or something fun!" 
"Well, the Beach does sound good." I said and looked at Niall who shrugged. "Beats me. Whatever my Girl wants, I follow." He said and placed an arm around Lavender's waist, which made me feel uneasy. 
Louis noticed me and held my hand from beneath the table, caressing it with His Thumb. "Let's just go to the Beach. That's settled." Louis finally said and we all got up to go to the Beach.

After leaving the Cafe and driving off, we have finally reached a Private Beach. Only a few people were found there but not all were swimming, just relaxing. 
The four of us found a spot, not too sunny, not too shady, just fine. I watched the sun from above, which was enjoyable. "Okay, so, what are we gonna do here?" Lavender asked, while I looked at Louis. The both of us kept looking at each other, but unknowingly, the both of us cracked a smile. "JUST HAVE FUN!" I cried out loud and ran to the Sea, Louis by my side. 
First off, I dipped my foot in the Sea, it was cool. Louis grabbed me from behind, swinging me around as we got in the cool water. "Louis, put me down!" I giggled out as I kept laughing and I heard him give off a chuckle. "No thank you." He said, twirling me faster. It made me nauseous, but I enjoyed it at the same time. But, as much as I hate admitting, I tried to let him let go of me in the best way as possible. 
I reached out for his ear and twisted it so hard and I heard him cry out in pain. He let go of me and I ran as fast as I could. "ASHLEY. YOU TWAT, YOU'RE GONNA PAY." He chased me around the shore and the both of us were kind of catching attention, which didn't bother me the slightest bit. 

-Lavender's P.O.V- 

Niall and I sat in the sand, building up a sand castle right beside the sea. While Ashley and Louis were attracting the crowd with their silliness. 
"Look at the two, looking silly and all." I thought out loud and Niall looked at them as well. He then looked at me afterwards and without any sign, he got up with a bucket. "Ni, where are you going?" I called out but he just stayed silent. Probably getting something to drink. I thought to myself. 
I was finished sculpting my Sand Castle when I noticed Niall holding a bucket, filled with water. I wondered what he was doing with it. "Niall, what are you doing with that bucket?" I asked him, my finger pointed at it. 
He looked at me, a sly Smile shown on his face. He lifted up the bucket and realized what he was doing with it. "Horan, you do not dare-" But before I could finish my sentence, Niall splashed water on me and My whole outfit has gotten soaked. I heard Niall let out a really loud laugh.
My face fumed up and I looked at the bucket which he dropped to the ground. I grabbed it and scooped up a large amount of sand and lifted up to him with a playful smile. 
"Babe, you do not want to-" But before I let him finish his sentence, I threw the amount of sand to his face and broke into a run after knowing that Niall would definitely kill me. I looked back, checking if Niall was running after me and indeed he was. He was catching up to me now, so I ran faster. 
But, Niall was just right behind me, and without any warning, he grabbed me from my waist and twirled me around, the both of us laughing. "I bet you enjoyed the sight of me getting covered by sand, huh?" He chuckled out. "Well, not as much as how you enjoyed giving me a bath." I scoffed and he placed me down. 
The sun was setting right now. Niall looked at me with a small smile, holding my chin. "Not as much as I love you." He blurted out and I looked at how his eyes sparkled. 
"I Love you too." I said and Niall pulled me in for a kiss. "Be mine, forever?" Niall breathed out and I let out a smile. "Forever." 


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