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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


22. Chapter 20 -A Special Someone-

-Louis' P.O.V- 

I laid on my bed, pretending to be asleep and waiting for the day to end. It's already 2 o'clock, and all I did was sleep, get up to eat and freshen up and lay in bed again. 
Liam, Harry, and Zayn went grocery shopping and will be back with food when they arrive. Niall, unfortunately, was stuck in his room. He didn't know what to do either, so I figured I'd go and check up on him just in case. He hasn't even breakfast yet! 
I finally got up, straightening myself and walked to Niall's room which was just across mine.
"Niall?" I called out as I knocked on his door. I heard some shuffling and a few more sounds and after a moment, the door opened, but only an inch. I could only see Niall's face, it looked like he was exhausted. "Yeah Lou?" He whispered with a really low voice as if he was afraid to awake someone. 
"Is something bother you Ni? You haven't eaten your own Breakfast and you wouldn't talk to anyone of us!" I explained and he just gave me a small smile. "Yeah, sorry about that Mate. I was doing something." He honestly told me which surprised me. "What's so important that you needed to skip your Breakfast?" I asked him and he sighed. He opened the door widely and motioned his head to his room. 
I walked in, checking out what he's been doing. There were numerous of sheets of paper scattered on the bed and his guitar was neatly placed on the bed. "You're writing a song?" I asked him and he nodded with a smile. "A song for what?" 
"Whom." He corrected me and I nodded, telling him to explain. "Well," He began, starting to turn a bit red. "I like this girl and I thought I'd express how I feel for her with a bit of creativity." He winked and I chuckled. 
"Who's the special girl?" I asked him and checked the song out. Half a Heart. I thought to myself, doesn't like a bad song. "It's Ashley's co-worker, Lavender. She used to be a friend of mine when I was younger, though I don't think she remembers me at all. We were so young that time, maybe around 7 years old? I don't remember either, but she's my childhood friend when I was in Ireland. Sadly, we parted when she moved to England. I don't think she remembers me anymore, but I gave her my picture just in case we'll meet again. I used to like her, but now I really like her again." He explained with a smile. 
I gave him a smile. "How old did you two separate?" I asked him and he looked up at the ceiling thinking deeply, trying to remember. "Probably around 10 years old." He told me and I looked at the music sheet. "Could you sing it for me?" I asked him, handing him his guitar. He gladly took it and checked the lyrics of the song. "Can I just go straight to the chorus?" He asked me and nodded. 
After clearing his throat and checking if his guitar was okay, he started strumming it.
"Only Half a Blue Sky, kinda there but not quite.  
I'm walking 'round with just one shoe, I'm Half a Heart without you. 
I'm Half a Man at best, with half an arrow in My Chest. 
I Miss everything we do, I'm Half a Heart without You..." 
He sang slyly. I gotta say, his song was really good, along with his voice. He can woo any woman anytime with that type of voice. As for the song... It reminded me so much of my situation with Ashley. 
Niall cleared his throat to snap me out of my thoughts. "I hope she'll like it. It's really tremendous." I told him with a smile and he looked down, his cheeks were red. "I really hope she'll like me. But I'm not finish yet though, and I'm not planning to sing it to her yet." He told me and I tilted my head. "When?" I asked and he thought about it. "When we manage to get really close." He decided and I gave him a thoughtful smile. 
"Now that you showed me what you're doing, can you please go eat your food now?" I asked him, knowing he wouldn't refuse after I heard his stomach grumble. "... Yeah, food sounds good right about now." He said as we both got up and went down to the Kitchen. "Thanks for listening Lou." He told me and I nodded. "Anytime." 
So, I know I might be copying, but what if I sing this to Ashley? Maybe that would sound like a really good idea. Although, I don't have a really good voice. I wanted to show Ashley how I really love her, but with a song. That song sounds good, but it would be stealing. or shall I say plagiarizing. I felt my phone vibrate in the back pocket and quickly checked it out hoping it was Ashley. 
And it was Ashley, a smile spread across my face as I read the message:
Hey there Boo Bear! :) You ready to hang out? I'll meet you in Starbucks, the one nearest to the Restaurant where I'm working in. Let's meet up at around 4 o'clock. Sounds good? Alright, see ya!! :) -Ashley xx :)
I checked the time and it was was quarter to 3 already. Wow, time is fast. I got up to go and get a change of clothes. "Where are you going?" Niall asked me as I started to walk away. 
"To a Friendly date with Ashley." I answered back. 

Let's just hope things won't get awkward. 

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