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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


3. Chapter 2 -Arriving to London-

-Ashley's P.O.V-

"Ashley, babe, wake up." I heard Christopher's Voice call out. I threw the Covers to Me.
"What?" I replied, groggily. "You Have to get up. It's already 7 o'clock." He answered, shaking me up. 
"Stop, it's too early." My muffled voice replied. "You're gonna be late..." He said. "For what?" I asked. There was no work on Saturdays, only every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday.... Then it hit me.
I threw the Covers from me and ran to the Bathroom to Freshen up. "I'M LATE FOR THE 10 O'CLOCK FLIGHT!!" I screamed as I rushed. 
I heard Christopher burst into laughter. Seriously, he's Crazy. And this was why I loved Him.

-2 Hours Later-

"I'm Ready" I shouted out as I finished packing our stuff. "Do Your Parents know?" Christopher asked when I arrived downstairs. I glared at him. "Of Course No!" I snapped at him. He looked startled but then his face softened. "Oh yeah.... Sorry." He apologized.
"It's alright." I reassured him and kissed him. "I'm sorry for snapping at you too. Now let's go!!" I said and we took a Cab to the Airport. 

Once we arrived, we bought two tickets for the 10 o'clock Flight to London. We waited for the Plane to arrive. "So, how are we going to live there exactly?" Christopher asked nervously. "Easy. Suzanne mentioned that we'll be staying in her house in London." I answered, proudly. "And? Where are the Keys?" I stayed quiet. 
Shoot! I forgot to get it from her! "Hold This..." I handed my Bag to Christopher as I got my Phone from my Pocket. I dialed my Boss up until someone patted me from Behind. 
I turned around and found myself face-to-face with my Boss. 
"No need to Panic Hon." She said, showing me the Keys dangling from her Finger. She gave me a Hug before giving the Keys to Me. "Gotta go now. Have fun!" She exclaimed, with a Wide Smile on her Face. 
She Definitely is the Best Boss ever. She walked away and was out of Sight when I got back to Christopher. 
"Where in London is it located in exactly?" Christopher asked with a bored expression. "No worries. I've got the address in my Phone." I told him. "It's surprising you didn't slip." He scoffed. 
I swear to God, I'm extremely Clumsy. There's at least one mistake that I have to make. Either Minor of Major. Yes, even when I'm at work, I commit mistakes. One Time, I spilled soup on my co-worker. She didn't talk to me for a Week and ever since then, she keeps her Distance away from Me whenever I hold food, especially soup.
"Ashley, I think it's time to board the Plane. The intercom says our Plane has arrived." Christopher snapped me out of my Thoughts. "Really? Let's Go!" I said excitedly, grabbing my Stuff. 
I often get lost in my Thoughts, I think about one thing that leads to another and another until I just stare intently in a blank space. I don't know, I just like thinking a lot. Do you know that feeling? I know, I seem bizarre.
From beside me, I could hear Christopher mumbling about how afraid he is that things might change. 
"No worries, babe it'll be alright" I reassured him. "I mean, what's to be afraid of?" 

-Christopher's P.O.V- 

What's to be afraid of? That statement kept echoing in my Head. The moment I heard that she was going back to London with me scared me. 
I remembered what she told me about her Life in London. She had a Best Friend named 'Louis' , if I may recall. Technically, he's a Guy.
So, they'll obviously meet, right? Yeah, obviously. So, meaning he'll steal My Girl. Who knows who Ashley will pick!
I mentally slapped myself. Christopher, you're kidding right? You're Overreacting! That's only Ashley's Best Friend. Nothing else. Of course, Ashley is only yours. She's Mine. And she'll be Mine Forever. Only Mine. No one else's. Mine. 
She squeezed my Hand to know that She's here for Me. No matter what. I kissed her Forehead. "I Love You." I whispered to her ear as I intertwined our Fingers together. 

-Ashley's P.O.V-

"I Love You." He whispered to my Ear as he intertwined our Fingers together. "I Love You too" I muttered under my Breath for Him to hear. 
I slowly drifted to sleep after an hour on his Shoulder. 

-11 Hours Later- 

"Babe, we're Here." I heard Christopher call out. My eyes slowly fluttered open, adjusting to the Bright Lights. We got out of the Plane, got our stuff and walked out of the Airport. 
I felt the Cold Breeze and let my Hair sway. It felt good. 
We took a Cab and told him the Address. Luckily, he knew where it was. I recognized the Houses we just passed by. It was a long, drowsy ride going there. 

Half an Hour has passed and we arrived to our Location. I thanked the Man and paid him. We got our suitcases. I gazed at the House. "Wow!" I exclaimed as My Mouth fell agape. 
"Cool House" Christopher reacted smoothly. I could tell he was amazed. 
It was a Two-storied House which looked cozy and Beautiful. It was just Perfect! I ran to the House and I nearly stumbled down the steps. Fortunately Christopher caught Me. "Gotcha Princess." He Scoffed. I gave Him a Smile.
We unlocked the Door and looked around the House. It was fully-furnished. It was a great House. Just like what I imagined. 
We both unpacked out stuff and I placed the Stuffed Toy Louis gave me before on the Shelf Christopher and I share. After that, the both of us quickly went to Bed and drifted to sleep.




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