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  • Published: 14 Jan 2014
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Louis' Best Friend, Ashley Brown had been his best friend since they were really young. Louis adapted feelings for her and his feelings for her grew stronger as they grew. Sadly, Ashley didn't know about this and had moved away to California when she turned 16 due to Familial Issues. A few years later, they had reunited. Although, Ashley found a new boyfriend. Will Louis just try to move on or fight for her?


20. Chapter 18 -Crushed-

-Louis' P.O.V- 

Liam drove us back to our own house. I was in the front seat, fighting back my Tears from falling.
I was upset yet furious at the same time. I know Ashley was just disappointed and upset that she couldn't accept reality, but she didn't need to shout at my face! It just made me so angry! 
But, I was upset because she didn't believe me, her own Best Friend. She might get hurt after she finds out the truth about Christopher. 
This scared Me. 
I hope she'll be alright. I'd hate that face that she would hate me forever. I'll text her late and try to apologize. "So, um, Lou?" Harry called out, tracing me out of my thoughts. "Did she believe you or not?" Harry asked. 
Niall glared at Harry. Harry looked frightened. "What could you expect mate? She yelled at him and told him to leave. Do you think she believed him?" Niall stated, raising his voice as he kept going. 
"Well, she did believe me." I admitted to them, finally stopping myself from gazing outside the window. "At first she did. But then, well..." I trailed off, wiping a few tears that were about to fall down from my eyes. "She thought I was fooling her. I was tricking her into trying to fall in love with me with the story that I told her. But, I know it's all true. Christopher is just using her. I'm just keeping Ashley safe for Pete's sake!" 
"Whoa, calm down Lou. We'll find a way." Harry said, patting my shoulder. I sighed and nodded. "Thanks, but I need to be alone first." I told them as Liam pulled to a stop. We were already in our house. I got out and ran inside straight into my Bedroom. As I slammed the Door to my Bedroom shut, I curled up in my Bed. 
I know I sounded insane, but I just suddenly bursted into tears. The pillow got soak because of all the tears I let out, all of the emotions filled inside of me. I wished she just believed me. I wished she didn't think I was pretending, I wished she thought I was telling her the truth. 
As I expected, she doesn't love me back. She wouldn't. She only thinks of me as her Best Friend. Oh, what in the world. She doesn't care about me in that way, she never even realized I loved her. I ruffled my hair, trying not to yell. If only she loved me back, that's all I ask. All I ask is for her to be mine. 
I feel like trash, desperately holding on to hope that I know will never last.
Then, I remembered something... hope. That night when Christopher told me that Ashley told me she loved me. Then, if she really did mean it, then why didn't she tell me too? Well, as she said, she thought that I was luring into a trap. I groaned and buried my face in my hands. 
Why does life have to be so complicated? But, I just tried to calm myself down. Okay, I'll just have to apologize, maybe it'll be better later on. I'll just have to tell her that I wasn't lying, and she'd probably believe me. I'll just let Christopher blurt it out. I sighed to myself in contentment.
Okay, this will be harder than I thought. But, I just stared at the ceiling, trying to not think of the memory of what happened a while ago. And just with that, I fell into a deep sleep. 

-Ashley's P.O.V- 

Ring Ring! it sounded again for the 4th time. It's now like my 5th Call to Louis, and he wouldn't answer. Is he that angry with me? Does he hate me now? Gee, I just wanted to apologize and get things over with. 
I'm actually getting really afraid of what Louis just said. I think I'm starting to believe half of it. Christopher is not home yet, and it's like around 10 o'clock already! I groaned and looked at how my room was a mess. 
I sounded so insane, believe me. After Louis left, I stomped my way to my room and just laid down on my bed, throwing whichever I had on the bed, releasing my anger. I figured I'd fix my room later. Right now, I have to apologize to Louis. 
For the 5th time, Louis didn't answer! What's he doing anyway? I wanted to call him again, but it's no use. I gave up. I might lose my Boyfriend and My Best Friend at the same time today. My life is such a mess. What did I do to deserve this?
I wanted to cry again but then I heard the familiar tone of a certain person calling. Louis! I thought then quickly grabbed my phone and answered it. 
"Hello?" I said with a sniffle. "Hey Ashley-poo... Uh, did you call?" Louis responded, trying to sound cheerful but failing. It's no use, I could tell he was upset after what just happened. "Yeah, why didn't you answer?" I wanted to make sure I didn't disturb him or something. 
"Well, I was fast asleep that time, so sorry." He said, I could hear him shuffling on his bed. "Why did you call?" He said after a moment of silence. "Well, I just wanted to apologize about what happened a while ago..." I told him, looking down to the floor. "Oh no, I'm sorry about rushing off  and trying to... You know." He said, not even wanting to remember about what happened. "No need to apologize. I was the one who made you leave after all. Besides, I must have hurt your feelings, so I am really sorry." I explained to him and I heard him gulp at the other end. 
He was silent for a while, probably finding the right words to say. "No, it's alright. I totally understand, you were just upset, that's all. You don't have to feel guilty about it." He reassured me and I just smiled to the ground, wishing he was here with me. "Um, okay..." I said, pressing my lips together thinking of what else to say. "So, um... I prob-" 
"Say, to make it up for you. How about we hang out after work tomorrow?" I cut him off before he could finish our conversation. I could tell he was startled and he tried to think about it. "Sure, that would probably be nice." He finally answered which made me happy that he didn't hate me. 
"Great! See you tomorrow then!" I exclaimed. "Yeah, bye. Sweat Dreams love." He said before hanging up and I jumped on my bed, relieved. 
He wasn't angry, that's good. But I still felt horrible. I wonder if he was heartbroken because I swear, his voice sounded like he just cried. 
But, I hope tomorrow will be alright. I heard my front door open and thought that Christopher was finally home. "Where were you?" I asked him as he arrived upstairs in our room. It looked like he had been sweating from playing around.
"Sorry babe. Went to hang out with my friends." He told me before laying down. "Okay, can you tell me what happened? Cause you look exhausted." I asked him and he placed his finger on my lip. 
"Shh. How about we'll talk about it tomorrow? I'm really tired. Good Night." He spoke before he closed his eyes and I nodded. "Good Night love." I said before he placed his arm around my waist. 

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