Fire Blossom

The Earth has evolved and changed into a place called Yalvon, a place where everyone's purpose is to serve the Postearium City (the richest city of Yalvon for only the people who has made an impact or some related to them made an impact on Yalvon like great, great grandchildren of queens and kings) My name is Macy and I work for the nature part of Yalvon, We make antidotes, perfumes and that kind of stuff for the Postearium City. This is my story not a Postearium person's story of why they are so rich but my story MINE.


1. Darla finds flowers

A wind blows and leafs start to fly as if they are dancing for no possible reason. 

"Macy", I hear a faint call but just enough to be a part of my imagination

"Macy" I hear it again but much louder this time, I decide to call back just to check if I am making things up again, "Yes?", suddenly I see my best friend, Darla run closer to me,

"Macy, fire on hill",Macy says panting,  I am now suddenly scared with fears that can't be explained, worries of loosing my life and others loosing theirs, I start to feel like its my fault and I have to do something to stop it. Half of my childhood and a few years ago when I was 14 was on a hill and now it might bring me down to my death... and my family... MY FAMILY!!! The one thing that has kept me alive for the 18 years I've been alive has been my family encouraging me and helping me right from birth.

"Darla, You warn the village about the fire and I'll stop the fire, most important make sure my family in particular stay away from the fire, okay?"

"What fire? Oh the fire! No I meant fire blossoms not a real fire"

"But you said something about a fire and its not usual for you not to complete your sentences like that..."

"No no no no, I was panting because I was so excited, I mean it is the thing that I've been searching for my practically my whole life."

"Don't judge", she adds to the end

"Oh this is what you have been talking about the whole time you where blabbing on and on about some type of flower", I say with a giggle at the end 

"WHAT you weren't listening, if you were listening you would know how much these flowers mean to me and to find a whole patch of them is a dream come true", Darla pooches out her lips that would normally make me laugh but she had hurt feelings in her eyes.

"Sorry, I didn't know what these flowers could do to you, usually when you blab on and on about something its most likely boys and whats the chance that I listen to you about that" I immediately regret saying it.

"Wow just great now I know that you didn't even care when I said that I nearly got a date with Michael Johnson the 3rd cutest boy in the village." 

Darla walks off in her frustrated walk that kind of failed because of the fact that she slipped on a leaf which made her fall on her face.

"Darla are you okay? Do you need help getting up?" I said desperate for a reply, I run over to her to help her all the same,

"Don't touch me"

"Look I know you're mad but the least I could could help you without being snapped at."

"Well the least you could do for me is leave me alone."

"In your case leaf me alone" I know that just make her even more mad but it just had to come out, I run home for 3 reasons,

1) So I don't have to keep fighting with Darla

2) Its almost 7:00 pm I am hungry for some food 

3) It starts getting dark quite soon



Sorry that was such a sort starting chapter but I really need to do school stuff and so ya... Please comment on how you liked it,  disliked it, ideas for it, mistakes, questions ect

I will get somewhat into the book and into the plot but for now my brain has turned to mush.

- MysteriousBlue







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