It all started with one word.


12. Triangle

Suddenly something smashed into me I opened my eyes and saw that tom had smashed into me on the trapeze and that he was falling into the net then i noticed that i had been knocked sideways and was falling away from the net


i closed my eyes and prepared for impact...

...but the impact never came I opened my eyes and saw that someone had caught me ."Hello?" i said confused

"hello?" said the man "Im Zach"

"im Amethyst"

"Gem are you okay!?" said tom. worriedly.

"im fine" i said as i stared into Zachs eyes.

"i think it might be time we head home you look a little shaken" said Tom concerned.

" yeah" i said as i snapped out of my daze.

oh my god no this cant be possible. i cant be falling fo zach i/mean i had butterflies in my stomach and he was kinda cute and his eyes don't get me started on his eyes. no i love tom right?

i had to get out of this love triangle.

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