It all started with one word.


2. The least I could do

"So would you mind telling me what happened?" I asked.

"Well" He said kindly "I was driving when suddenly you appear I hit the brakes but I was to late I called an ambulance and I'm just so so so sorry!" He said sounding distraught.

"Don't worry about it" I said " I was lost in thought I should have been more careful" my god ,I thought, you are actually kinda cute.

"You think so huh, we'll your kinda cute ya self" he said sounding slightly pleased.

"Did I really say that out loud" I thought.

"Yup and that to" he said laughing slightly.

"I should stop doing that now" I said "I said that on purpose" I stated.

"Ok, but where's your house?" Thomas asked.

"25 lake vista crescent" I said. As he dropped me of I took a picture of him and got his number.

"Sweetie, are you okay" my dad said his voice full of concern.

"Yeah dad just a green stick fracture" I said.

"Okay sweetie let me know if you need anything" He said lovingly.

"The ability to do gymnastics with a broken arm would be great" I joked.

As I headed up to my room I sent Thomas a text asking if he wanted to grab a bite to eat tomorrow.

Of course his reply was yes which sent my brain into panic mode Where to eat what to wear so many decisions.

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