It all started with one word.


9. Showtime

As we pulled into the parking lot I took of the blindfold and tom screamed like a little girl.

"How the tickets were sold out months ago" Tom said in awe.

"My dad used to be in the airforce he got me tickets." I replied.

"Well we better get seats" tom said "look we can sit under the oak tree!"

"Great" I said as I laid down the blanket and all the food except for the ice cream cake.

"Gem you really didn't have to do this for me" Tom said calmly.

"I didn't have to do this for you either Tom cat." I said as I leaned in close for our first kiss. "I just wanted to." I said as we pulled away.

Tom leaned in and kissed me again just as the fireworks started.

We looked up in awe of the skills shown by the pilots.

As the last fireworks finished and the last plane had landed the Australian anthem began to play. (Or American or whatever country your from I don't judge)

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