It all started with one word.


5. Oh yeah he's my brother

I invited tom over to my place because my brother was home for a couple days. Yay, he's hardly ever around.

As we walk in I run up to Harry and he engulfs me in a massive bear hug.

I look back and see tom standing there wide eyed.

"Is that Harry Styles!?" Tom says kind of in awe.

"Oh yeah he's my brother" I say calmly.

"Oh, cool" he says a little calmer.

"What happened to your arm!" Harry says sounding mortified.

"I'll tell you if you swear not to interrupt" I say simply.

As I tell Harry the story his eyes get wider and wider as I sum up say "Haz your eyes look like moons."

"Oops sorry" he says laughing slightly.

"Yeah so now me and tom are dating aren't we?"

"Yes we are" he says.

Bing bing

"Oh that's my phone" says tom he looks at his phone and says "my mum wants me home for dinner by"

"K see you tomorrow" I say.

As tom closes the door Harry says "so details please"

So guys the only reason there are so many chapters out is because it's the first day it's out and I have nothing to do so from now on don't be disappointed if I put less chapters out

- imagine angel xx

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